Peters’ 2011 mugshot

Yesterday he was awarded $2 million as part of a settlement with Roll-A-Bout.

Today he had drag racing and resisting arrest charges knocked down to illegal muffler. His penalty? A $656.50 fine.

Jeff McLane of explains:

Jason Peters paid a fine of $656.50 on June 21 after drag racing charges from a week earlier were reduced to driving with improper equipment, according to the Monroe, La., District Attorney’s Office.

The Eagles tackle avoided a July 15 arraignment by paying the fine, and the case was officially closed, the DA’s office said Wednesday.

The drag racing and resisting by flight charges were dropped, but Peters was assessed a fine for driving with an illegal muffler, authorities said.

That’s pretty incredible. You may recall that Peters led police on a 100 mph chase last month before being arrested for drag racing. The $656.50 fine is essentially a speeding ticket to someone who was just awarded $2 million. America!