Joe Blanton Had to Be Separated from His Pitching Coach Yesterday

Joe_blantonThings aren’t going well for Fat Joe in the City of Angels. He’s 2-12  with a 5.53 ERA and a bloated 1.54 WHIP. Yesterday, he and his pitching coach, Mike Butcher, got into it after Blanton had a “miscommunication” with his catcher (he had wanted the powdered jellies but instead got sugar covered).

Video of Blanton throwing a tantrum is after the jump.

via The Big Lead, Hardball Talk


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  1. That fat fucking pig joe was probably trying to eat him a la Newman biting Kramer

  2. Actually Fat Joe lost a ton of weight, but based on the way he’s pitching this year, perhaps he should have kept the weight on.
    I’ll always remember him for the home run he hit in the 2008 World Series.

    1. Couldn’t have happened to a better person? I’m trying hard to understand your rationale for hating on a guy who came to the Phillies mid season in 08, went 4-0 for the rest of the season, and then went 2-0 in the playoffs and even hit a home run in the world series. Yeah, that is so deserving of hate. Jackass!

  3. Heavy B won us a World Series. Fun to make fun of but let’s pump the brakes on the Haterade. Hahahaha, here I am bored at work trying to preach on a comment section, hahahahahaha. I’m’ pathetic.

  4. My comment got deleted so I will repost. If you want to get around those invasive surveys, click comments and then hit the back button. The surveys will disappear

  5. And of course, just like every infant with an impulse control problem, Fat Joe took out his frustrations on the defenseless Gatorade cooler. How original.

  6. Kyle, post something about this rg111 story that’s blowing up.
    What a scumbag

    1. you mean some random whore trying to extort RGIII and get money from a reporter?

      no thanks

      PS: Fat Joe can hit a home run… more than any neckbeards on here can do heh

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