Michael Young Eases Hostage Demands, Says He’ll Go to Red Sox

You have four and a half hours, Rube. Do something. Anything. Even if the return is a promising beer vendor with tremendous, albeit risky, upside.

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14 Responses

    1. LOL … yea right

      They reportedly wouldnt give up Middlebrooks in the Peavy deal.

      My guess is the phils will get that shitty thrown in relief pitcher the sox got yesterday from Detroit

  1. He said he would do this yesterday. #1 Rangers, #2 Boston.

    Heard a rumor Middlebrooks likes to read twitter to much and it gets into his head after reading the bad ones….wouldn’t work here in Philly.

  2. Michael Young, the Liberty Bell, and Sheena Parveen for Middlebrooks.

    How can the Sox say no to that?

    1. I like the way this guy thinks. ^^^

      We’d still have FOX29’s Kacie McDowell so in my opinion thats a win-win.

  3. If Young is the only piece we’re moving who cares anyway? We’d get some scrub sent our way and we are chock full of those already.

    1. True dat. Knowing Ruben, he’d trade Young for some crappy reliever with a 6 or 7 ERA.

  4. Now he’s willing to go to the Yankees. If he doesn’t get traded can we throw him in RF and bench the black ninja turtle?

  5. What about young and utely for pedrioa? seems fair and works for both teams.

    1. Are you being sarcastic?
      Young and Utley, two broken down aging veterans, both with no club control beyond this season for Pedroia, a 29 year old perennial all-star and former league MVP?

  6. So here is your Phillies trade deadline recap:

    Nothing fucking happened. Nothing. At all.

    Way to go Ruben you fucking idiot. Thanks for steering this team right into the fucking toilet. Maybe if you didn’t demand Clay Buchholz, John Lester, Dustin Pedroia and Fenway Park from the Red Sox for Lee, we could have gotten something worthwile. In reality, you asked for their THREE best prospects and demand that they take the remaining $70 million on Lee’s deal? Are you fucking insane?

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