Ron Hextall Back with Flyers, Will Soon Take Paul Holmgren’s Job

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 8.23.48 AMIf there was ever a sure-thing– it was Jason Biggs* in American Pie.

But if there was another, it was that Ron Hextall, who had (quite successfully) been serving as the Kings’ Assistant GM and GM of their AHL affiliate, would return to the Flyers. He had two things going for him: 1) Flyers West and 2) former Flyer. Ed Snider loves incestusous relationships with former Flyers and Kings.

From the Flyers’ website:

The Philadelphia Flyers announced today that Ron Hextall has been named Assistant General Manager and Director of Hockey Operations, according to General Manager Paul Holmgren.

“We are very pleased to welcome back Ron Hextall to our management team,” said Holmgren. “Ron has a wealth of experience in the front office in various capacities which will be a valuable addition to our staff.”

Translation: I am disheartened to welcome back Ron, who will take my job within the next 12 months. Ron couldn’t have been farther away in Los Angeles, but now he’s here, breathing down my neck. Fuck.

All my snark aside, there’s nothing not to like about this move. Hextall had done a nice job with the Kings and, really, it was only a matter of time before the Flyers called him.

*Biggs is outstanding in the new Netflix show, Orange is the New Black– a great series, aptly named for all you Type OBers.


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  1. Yup….pretty much sums it up!

    Like the move, but how much Snider lives in the past is beyond creepy at this point.

  2. Thank you for the positive thoughts on bringing Hextall back – I usually flame you, but for this, I am quite happy. Maybe we can be twitter friends again.

  3. The new Netflix show certainly is very good. The chick who plays Jason Biggs’ girlfriend is a doll and her lesbian friend in prison is hot in a Famke Janssen kinda way.

    1. The first 20 minutes of the first episode I thought, “Yes, we finally have a well-financed lesbian prison porn.” It’s not quite that… but the acting and story are very good. That’ll do.

  4. I can ser homer hitting the bottle hard tonight and asking his wife for anal

  5. Eddie Snider loves reliving the past. Typical big nose Jew Eddie move

  6. Ron Hextall coming back is pretty much the best news ever. Can’t wait ’til he takes over Homer’s job.

    And Orange is the New Black is a really great show.

  7. No doubt homer knocked out his wife Sean Burke style after hearing the news

  8. Hearing Hexy close to coming back to Flyers e4….also some chatter about Flyers trading Coburn, two 1st rd picks and Read for Richards/Carter/Doughty…lots of chatter on that front…more to come, cheers

    1. Yeah seriously. It was totally his fault the team scored 6 goals in a 4 game series.

  9. Hextall won’t replace Holmgren, since Hextall is too much of a pussy.

  10. Hextall was a fake tough guy when he played. Always told assistant coaches to hold him back during fights

  11. Another Flyers has been coming back – big whoop!

    And how does one grade an assistant GM? The Kings are good so the Asst GM must be doing a good job.

    Snore. 1975 is getting smaller and smaller in the rear view.

  12. Good move. Hextall was being groomed to take over for Clarke eventually, but Clarke up and quit just after Ron left for LA and threw the master plan out of whack and as a result we got Paul Holmgren – the worst GM in Flyers history and maybe the worst in all of sports.

    Really surprised Holmgren wasn’t fired this year. But, now hopefully he’s keeping the seat warm until Hextall gets a year experience as Director of Flyers Hockey Operations under his belt and Holmgren and Laviolette are fired together next season.

    Sucks to waste another season, but when your goaltender tandem is two back ups gotten for near league minimums you have no choice. Especially whn you have a headcoach who has no clue how to put an actual system into play.

    Hopefully this a step in the right direction and Hextall can right this ship.

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