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PhillySportsTicketsThis is a sponsored post in partnership with our friends from Tiq IQ and ABC Tickets, where you can find competitively-priced tickets for all local and non-local sporting events– INCLUDING EAGLES HOME GAMES.

Here’s a look at the average ticket prices that Philly folks are paying on the secondary market to see their teams in 2013:

With only eight games on the home schedule, it’s no surprise that Eagles fans are forking over at least 139% more than any other team in Philly.

It’s also no surprise that on the opposite side of the spectrum sits the Sixers– they have the lowest average ticket price of all Philly teams, 67% below the Eagles. Though $71 seems significantly higher than what you might have expected.

With baseball season heading towards the halfway point and the NFL season only two months away, there’s plenty of tickets for Philly fans to scoop up as the summer goes on. Get yours at ABC Tickets!

For Crossing Broad’s tailgate tomorrow, ABC has some outstanding infield seats available.


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  1. Kyle,

    Love the site and think you do a a great job. But why do you gouge on fees with your tickets. I ordered your tickets off stubhub and I had to pay a 10% commission and $5 transfer fee. All that money goes into you pocket. Does not seem right.

  2. How many more ads can you fit on a page? There are already 3 columns of ads + a banner ad

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