Your Flyers Free Agency Running Commentary

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Paul Holmgren has some retooling to do. Retooling? I’ll retool you! Join us for your all-day, nonstop Flyers free agency running commentary.

Step over the jump with me for all the updates.


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For just the hard news and signings, use our Flyers Free Agency Cheat Sheet.

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67 Responses

  1. A) Thomas
    B) Nabokov
    C) Emery
    D)None of the above

    When in doubt the answer is always C.

    1. Emery said he’d rather be a backup in Chicago then come here so that is surprising. I’d still rather have him than Tim Thomas. Thomas is old and is a tool satchel.

      Good work locking up Claude Homer.

      1. Surprising? I don’t think so. Maybe Emery is like Bob and Bryz and doesn’t want to deal with the unrelenting pressure of being a goalie in this town either. As for Tim Thomas—-PASS!! The Flyers can do better.

  2. The last time the Flyers signed a player (non-goalie) to a contract that big, they traded him shortly thereafter to an eventual Cup winner….this bodes well for G and not so much for the Flyers.

    1. Right because since that happened once before it will happen to G.. statistically a severely idiotic statement.

  3. Kyle, FYI the link in your second post is to an article by your Twitter BFF Randy Miller, not Dave Isaac.

  4. If they lost out on Thomas for financial reasons don’t you think Emery will be more expensive? I would still much rather have Emery anyway because Thomas is a headcase, but how much can they afford to pay? All I know is if we get another Russian goalie (Nabokov) I may go get myself lost in the woods.

    1. Other Christmas Vacation quotes appropriate for today:

      “If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now.”

      “How could things get any worse? Take a look around here. We’re at the threshold of hell.”

    2. I can see a lot of white girl fathers going nuts over their daughters fucking these 2 animals this fall

  5. Emery should be around 1.5-2 mil they can afford him and look for coburn to go oilers today

  6. I hope Emery can handle the work load.

    Tim Thomas would have been a good signing, IMO. He has done much more than Emery or Nabokov.

    Great news on G!

  7. I haven’t seen such an awesome display of Free Agent insanity since the banner year of 1989 when we signed Bruce Hoffort, Pete Peeters, Tim Tookey, Bill Armstrong and Shawn Cronin. It will take a lot of doing for Mr. Holmgren to live up to that class…Dazzle us, Homer.

  8. Regardless of how you feel about the Vinny Cavs signing, he was wanted by at least a dozen other teams and he chose to come here.
    Nice to see a guy who wants to play in front of knowledgable, passionate, and loyal fans.

    1. He chose here because the Flyers were dumb enough to offer him a 5-year deal. I highly doubt the “knowledgeable, passionate, and loyal fans” thing was a factor in his decision.

  9. How do you get a job like pinatch and jokes about how he takes off every free agency period and then tells us to follow that dyke Baicker who has a hockey IQ of a reTard. If Baicker and Pinatch banged they would produce Simple Jack. In closing its real simple if you act retarded, look retarded, your retarded.

  10. I was so pumped to see your “Flyers Free Agency Running Blog” and then I realized this already exists and its called Twitter.

    1. So what? 75% of Kyle’s content is comprised of Twitter screenshots anyway, par for the course.

  11. I hate murica and guns……. I hope someone rapes me and sharia law gets implemented….. I can’t wait to get stoned to death. Going to be amazing!!!!!

  12. How the fuck is emery a nutcase? The inks not even dry on his contract and youre saying hes nuts. Bob was right, this city is severe for goalies.

  13. it explains a lot about kyle, if he thinks pierre “knows his stuff”. Anyone that knows anything about hockey knows pierre is a moron.

  14. i wonder if pierre bashed the devils for signing clowe to a ridculous contract when he had that awesome goal total of 3 last season.

    1. The only thing pierre actually “knows” is where every player, played in high school and juniors. Thats the only thing he contributes to any broadcast. “Oh yeah, I knew this guy was going to be good since I saw him play on the Windsor Spitfires.” Yeah, thanks for the insight Pierre. Him bringing up small insignificant facts such as this, in between sucking off crosby, makes him seem like he is knowledgable when he actually knows nothing.

        1. That’s who I was referring to, that’s who Kyle was referring to in his comment, and I’m pretty sure that’s who mpp was referring to (Pierre McGuire).

  15. I think that guy in the seafaring photo claiming to be Rob Parent ate the Rob Parent in the twitter photo

  16. Pierre McGuire is a great analyst and fun to listen to. You have to be a homer not to like him.

    1. He’s so annoying and looks like he stuck hid head in the Shine-O Ball-O.

  17. Come on Kyle really??? Your bitching about giving Gagne 2 million and not spending it on Defense. We still need a 3rd line winger and Gagne at that price is an amazing deal…. Great leadership too for the young guys. What free agent defenseman do you see capable of playing on our team, or worthy of that money?? Only way to improve the D this year is thru trades and signing Gagne doesn’t decrease those chances! GO back to your Wendy’s burger… that was the best analysis you’ve had all day.

  18. Actually im pretty sure most “type ob” fans, as you so retardedly call us, are completely fine with saving money and not pursuing him. Were fine without him. And no one is whining about jeff carter. The only time people bitch about him anymore is when you bring him up. And thats because you act like hes simultaneously the reason the kings won the cup and the reason the flyers blew last year. This team is just as good offensively without carter as it was with him. Youre the only one who brings him up anymore. Ever. Get the fuck over it.

  19. And the world continues to laugh at Philadelphia. And you yahoos crowd around a third rate blog to deliberate the moves of an incompetent, borderline mentally challenged GM. Hilarious.

      1. I thong you meant “you’re” and not “your”. Typical, brainless Kenso. Well done. Please do try to keep up.

        1. You thong I meant.. how about think!! Keep it up stupid yinzer…

    1. What are you talking about? What would you laugh about regarding the Flyers offseason?

      1. What am I talking about? For starters, you airheads sign a shitty 35 year old defenseman to a 4 year, $21M+ contract. Second, you sign an aging, past it forward to a five year deal with a no trade clause. Third, you still have no goalie. Fourth, nobody who reads this god forsaken blog remembers the Flyers winning a Cup.

        Did you really need me to tell you this, or are you just playing dense tonight for a lark?

        1. Besides the terms on the two contracts being 2 years too long, those deals aren’t terrible.

          Look at the market. Clarkson got over 5mil per season (grinder who scored some goals last year), Filpulla got 5mil per season (17pts last year), Stalberg and some dude named Boyd getting 3mil a year when they are unproven

          The Emery deal is an ABSOLUTE STEAL. 1.65 mil for a guy out to prove himself as a number one and is obviously talented enough to do it with an okay track record. ill take it.

          I dont agree with a lot of the stuff Kyle says, including all the Richards/Carter stuff, but we are both in the comments section so I would leave that point alone.

          Pitt has no cap room and can’t even field a full team as it stands

    2. Your hockey team has only won one more stanley cup than ours. We won our two with a team of brawlers, while youve had 4 of the best players in the world and only have one more than us to show for it. Meanwhile, once lemieux and jagr left, your team almost got sold to a corn field that had more interest in hockey, and it was only saved because you tanked enough times to draft crosby and pull the bandwagon frauds back in. Your baseball team hasnt had a fanbase since its last big name left, your hockey team almost died when they didnt have any big names, and the only reason your football team still has fans is because the rooneys are great owners and operators and always put a solid product out.

    3. He still just as obsessed with this team and blog and he has been for the last week. Do wake up thinking about what you’re going to say on this blog. BTW, I’ve noticed you frequent the site everyday but fail to respond everytime I shit on you. I’ll restate an important point: Why are your grapes so sour? Is it the embarrassment handed down by the Flyers two years ago? The violent rape handed down by Boston this year? Sid getting his shit rocked by G, among others? Your pathetic incest breeding ground of a Western pa town that your from? Get your money up and you can live here too.

  20. Kyle, love how you change your tune on Ray Emery after doing a little bit of stats and twitter searching. Forget both the backups thing, there’s maybe 15-20 number one goalies in the league. After that, having two decent guys push each other for a contract is not a bad thing. If he came here to be the number one and does in fact beat out Mason, HES NOT GONNA LEAVE, THEN HE’LL BE THE FUCKING NUMBER ONE!

    It must be nice to bitch about beat guys not having real sources when you have a blogging job where you do the same thing but dont have the responsibility of having sources. Copying what other people say is no problem in the blogging world. You have a great situation, but dont shit on beat writers unnecessarily. Stay in your lane

  21. Puck Bunny simba Doe sounds & looks like a white trash twat

  22. Kyle,

    I can’t wait until you run into Panaccio or Miller in public (I know – that would require leaving the house) and they whoop your fucking ass. Hopefully Carts is there to tend to your wounds.

  23. There’s a milf behind home plate tonight with some huge ass titties hanging out in the breeze

      1. She’s been spotted there by Kyle before, but she really outdid herself tonight. Impressive!


    Every type OB Flyers fan right now. They’ll fail to mention that, save for his weird injured year in 2012 (when he won the Cup), Jeff Carter has been the better scorer. In other words: you can’t be that hurt over the Ryan thing if you don’t really care that the Flyers traded Carter.”

    Lol. Officially hopping off the CB bandwagon. What an asinine comment.

  25. Jeff carter is better then Ryan…you actually typed that, you based it off 1 statistic, goals scored. I swear you really did.

  26. Kyle, im pretty sure everyone is ok with the annual Bobby Ryan rumors finally being laid to rest, and no one is whining about him going to another team. Most “type ob” fans, and anyone with a brain, didnt want the flyers to pursue him for that money anyway.

    And seriously…type ob? Most diehard fans would say they bleed orange and black..or do you not cause youre part of the media that you so often like to bash?So its pretty lame that you ostrasize everyone simply because you disagree with them you skinny unintimidating cunt.

  27. 66 million dollars. 66. million. dollars. Im going to order some ice skates, knock out a few of my sons teeth and move to Canada until he makes me rich.

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