A Moment with Marcus: Finally the Marcus Vick Has COME BACK to Twitter!

Let the villagers rejoice– Marcus Vick’s girl didn’t delete his Twitter. He’s back, baby, and he has some more opinions about racism and, apparently, white people. I feel like Marcus should have his own show (for entertainment purposes only, of course) on which he discusses race relations in America with Marcus Hayes and Sean Hannity. Could be called Two Marcuses, One Asshole.

To the comments:

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This has been A Moment with Marcus.

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43 Responses

  1. If I was “black ppl” I think I’d seriously be considering having this moron silenced at this point. Black ppl, my sympathies.

    1. [phone rings]
      Marcus: Vick residence, who’d fuck be dis?
      Mike: Marcus, just because I bought you the house doesn’t mean you have to answer the phone by saying Vick residence so please stop already with that.
      Marcus: my bad, bro! I’m just so pissed about this Samson looking motha fucka popping off at the mouth! Don’t that bitch realize that poppin off get you popped!
      Mike: yeah, so that is what I was calling about. I’m canceling the Internet service over there. I’ve asked you a million times already to keep off the Internet when no one is home to watch you while you are on it.
      Marcus: but mike, I’s just ventin! Ahh shit, now I just gone and dropped my slurpee on the carpet bro.
      Mike: Marcus, I told you already don’t be eating in the living room! Damn! So, what happened at Walmart today?
      Marcus: I went.
      Mike: and…..
      Marcus: they made me a greeter.
      Mike: and how did it go?
      Marcus: well, this bitch walk in and say hi. I says fuck yeah I smoked in the parking lot just a bit ago. Then that punk ass manager then say I’m fired. Fuck dat and his shit.
      Mike: Damn Marcus, you messed up again?!?! I’m coming over now. Stay off the Internet and get your fucking bike out of the driveway.

    1. If welfare means getting cash mailed to you via USPS in a letter envelope from your brother, yes he is

      1. Sir,

        I believe the term we are using to account for any transactions between brothers Marcus and Michael is “Vickfare” or “Social Vickturity’

        1. I myself prefer the second. It rolls of the tongue. The first term was just lazy

  2. What I tell ya? I said It’d be a month or two before he’d be back. Should’ve just said an hour or two. Now Kyle doesn’t have to fret on a slow news day.

  3. Hey remember when Marcus Vick robbed that guy at gunpoint for $20? He is a piece of shit……..White people hate black people because they met someone like Marcus Vick.

    If the Eagles didn’t give players a second chance Marcus wouldn’t be able to leach off his brother anymore.

    1. Exactly…if it werent for the eagles giving mike a second chance marcus would be broke….but marcus doesnt believe in second chances? nigga please

  4. Marcus Vick is the reason why we white people still use the n word if the shoe fits

  5. A CB reader needs to catfish this retard. I honestly can’t see him not responding to a twitter account with a hot white girl as the avatar. Someone get on it. For the lolz.

  6. Marcus Vick…..now that’s a joke. Living off his dog-fighting, convict brother and running his mouth after gunning a white guys for $20.00. Marcus, STFU and get back on the porch ! And for Crossingbroad.com….your a bunch of morons for posting that phone video. U just cost your worthless Eagles at least 3 games this season. Hope the moment in the sun was worth it. Now most look at your site as >>> D-Bag <<<<< at best.

  7. Tom and Wheels the fans are just going crazy down here. When the news broke that Marcus Vick was still using twitter, wow, I just haven’t felt that kind of electricity here since the Tomas Perez floppy dildo giveaway. In fact I was lucky enough to speak to one of the twelve African-Americans here at Citizens Bank Park who isn’t a vendor just a moment ago and he summed it up perfectly by saying “These’re my aunt’s seats. I ain’t got to show you my tickets. Why ain’t you bother all these white folk? You’re a racist.”. And Sarge, I’m not ashamed to tell you that I squirted a little into my Siragusa penis diaper. Take it away, Tom!

      1. I got video proof of murph finger blasting a kenzo native from the boys and girls club of america in the 400 level of the bank….ill take 7 dollars

        1. Wheels, that reminds me to mention that the Cubbies will be in town next week and that kids under 11 unaccompanied by an adult get in free on Thursday night for the Bill Conlin Wall of Fame induction ceremony. Hey Sarge, a fan just offered me a ride on his mustache, that must be one of those fancy motorcycles you like to drive huh! Wow, back to the booth.

  8. Kyle, Deadspin put a story up that sounded basically like “We could of had it first if we wanted too”. Fuck that.

  9. So Riley Cooper’s career has been tarnished beyond repair for a little over $100. Ouch

  10. I’d like to remind everyone that it’s Riley Cooper we’re talking about and that he fucking sucks regardless of anything he says at a redneck concert. Guy is a fucking scrub leftover from an Andy draft. So who cares if his career is tarnished, we’re only waiting to replace him anyway.

    1. The point is that Kyle basically ruined this guy’s life (for now anyway) for making a stupid dumbass comment while drunk at a concert for a little over $100 and more page views. It doesn’t matter if it was Riley Cooper or JJ Watt.

      1. Ok. So it today’s absolutely saturated media world, this video was never going to surface if Kyle didn’t break it? That’s a very naive opinion. If Kyle replied to the sender “No thanks” it would have been sent to another 50 sites within the hour.

        And again. Who cares about Riley Cooper? The guy is known more for his hair then his stats (5 TDs/679yds). Fuck him, he’s a garbage player anyway.

        1. Fair point, but I couldn’t waste and opportunity to rip on Kyle. It had to be done.

  11. He had to get back on twitter. How else is he gonna be able to hit up thousands of people errday to see if he can hold fi hunnert?

  12. I’d pay to watch Mike & Marcus square off in a good old fashioned spelling bee. Keep it to three and four letter words like “cat” and “rape.” After that, we will give them 100 seconds to see who can count the highest. The catch: both contestants must count numbers in progressive numerical order (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4…). After that, time to hit the dollar menu.

  13. Kyle, normally I get on here talkin a little bit of shit about you, as one of CBs ever-changing community of resident trolls. But you did it big yesterday. You broke a story that ended up going national and dominated national discussion yesterday. It was perfect timing too, with how strained race relations currently are in this country.

    1. Yeah, kudos to Kyle for pouring gasoline on a fire of racial national tension so he can get page views and charge more for ads. Great guy!

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