Anyone See This Horrible Man Shove a Little Girl Last Night?

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.45.17 AM Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.45.25 AMChecked both feeds– nothing. It happened when Erik Kratz was at-bat in the ninth inning. He hit a foul ball behind home in the area of the press box. Beat writers quickly started tweeting about it:

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 8.43.52 AM

If you saw it or have video, let us know.

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15 Responses

  1. Hmmm. Doesn’t Leslie Gudel make products that kills babies. Maybe the guys a jerk for not killing the girl 🙁

  2. I wonder how long Matt Geib had been waiting to wheel out that lame joke about Casper Wells being a ghost runner.

  3. Hey Kyle, we should find out who he is then drop him off at your mom’s basement so he can push your scrawny ass around.

  4. Just another example of the disgusting lengths that people will go to to get a foul ball. For Christ sakes, you can buy a Major League Baseball online for like 8 bucks. It might not be “game-used” (ooooooh game-used!) but it still a MLB ball nonetheless. I love getting a foul ball as much as the next guy, but I won’t climb over women and children and push them out of the way to get it.

  5. To knock anyone over, let alone a woman and small girl, to get an ERIC KRATZ FOUL BALL really speaks to the idiocy of this jerk.

  6. I saw a girl about 16 years old last night being escorted by two CBP employees in full tears at about the 4-5 inning walking on ashburn alley no idea if it is same girl though

    1. This was because Candy from the Oak flashed her.

      As soon as I heard about this guy, I thought it was Candy from the Oak myself

  7. Saw the whole thing….Kratz fouled a ball that bounced on the HOF section in to the press box….two guys were jumping up and down for the press to give it to them….press tossed the ball on a bounce to a little girl about 20 ft away…..the one guy ran and tried to get the ball but it look like the girl got it and the guy fell

    1. Also saw it from 426, Phillip pretty much hit the nail on the head. Kratz foul ball hit something in the sections behind the plate, either an empty seat or concrete (can’t remember) and bounced into the press box/booth (too far away to tell). At this point two grown men (i was far away but you could tell) sprint up about 10 rows to the foot of the press box and start jumping up and down begging for the ball. I couldn’t believe my eyes – why a GROWN man would do that. That went on for about 5 seconds when someone in the press box/booth must have spotted the (young) girl at the opposite end of the section behind the seats (aka the back of the section; the men were on the first base side of the section, the girl on the third base side) and threw it to her – a gentle, one-hop toss. Despite this throw CLEARLY being directed to this girl (she was the only one in the area in which she was standing) and the girl going about getting it in a calm manner, the one of the dope adult men SPRINTED over to where the ball was thrown (I’m guessing that during this mad sprint is when he could have contacted/injured the woman Gudel mentioned) and made every possible effort to catch it – it looked like contact was made (minor “collision” between the two) and from where I was, even looked like he tried to pry it out of her hands – but it seemed like the girl came away with the ball. Saw security go up to the guy not long after that, but that was the last I saw of it. Good to know he was kicked out.

  8. When your going for a ball all objects and people are fair game. Next time tell the little girl to get out of the way.

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