Darren Daulton Speaks with Mike Missanelli

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 11.29.32 AMHe sounds great. Watch Mike speak to Dutch after the jump. You can listen to the audio here.

Grab 97.5’s Right On, Fight On t-shirt here. Proceeds go to offset Dutch’s medical expenses.

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  1. Uncle Dutch,

    Hope you beat this shit & have a few shots & lager lights this weekend!!! Right on Fight on

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    1. Wow, I just spent sometime checking this out. You are correct!!! What an amazing history story of fact

    2. Fuck off, asshole. This post has nothing to do with racism at all – it has to do with Darren Daulton, a beloved Phillie who is battling brain cancer and how he’s fighting it. Stop promoting your company you annoying cum stain.

    3. Wow how insightful!!!

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    1. @Tom walker. Are you really that stupid? If you were so factual, you would know that it was a FOOTBALL player that used the “N” word. Go fuck yourself, dumbass. Go promote your company elsewhere.

  4. Wow Tom,
    Way to be a total complete dickwad. It was a post about a beloved Phillie. Get a fucking clue you ass clown.

  5. Anyone realize he commented under his own name to give his post some cred? Bah!

    To Dutch: You sound amazing. Such spirit and spunk as always! #muchlove

  6. Damn glad to hear Dutch is doing well. He’s in the fight for his life, but I have no doubt he’ll fight like a monster. We all need to be in his corner and pulling for the man.

  7. Did Daulten take roids… wonder if this might be a problem… anyway I hope he comes to a full recovery not matter if he did roids or not…

  8. For anyone who watched the Phillies’ Wall of Fame ceremony prior to tonight’s game, Dutch looked DAMN good when he came out on the field. It was great to see him.

  9. Why are fans being asked to pay part of Mr. Daulton’s medical bills (i.e., through the profit on T-shirt sales)? The man was paid many millions of dollars to play a game. He may be a good man dealing with a life-threatening condition (as are many others less fortunate), but I’m not contributing money to someone who couldn’t control his once substantial wealth.

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