Did Chip Kelly Do Something Unconventional Today?

No. No he did not.

Following weeks of turning his players into video game characters and hiring former Special Forces guys to give motivational talks, the Eagles will be soaring trotting out in their oh-so-…dare I say…conventional white over white preseason combo for tonight’s game against the Patriots.

Sure, it’s nice to think that Chip Kelly had something to do with Oregon’s uniform explosion of the last few years (other than nodding his head when his athletic director said, “Hey, Chip, Nike wants to give us a pile of money on top of another, larger pile of money. Are you OK with that?”), and he’d bring some of that uniform energy to the Eagles… completely ignoring the rigid timing requirements and guidelines put in place by the NFL. But, it was not to be. The Eagles traditionally wear all-white in the preseason, Chip Kelly’s Eagles wear all-white in the preseason. Maybe he’ll relate it to “performance metrics” about hot weather and white, but we know this one wasn’t his doing. Now, if he wanted to lose the white jersey with green pants combo full-time, I’d be on-board with that.

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