Hugh Douglas Has Been Fired by ESPN

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 2.18.04 PMFor calling colleague Michael Smith an “Uncle Tom” at a convention last week.

Richard Deitsch of reports:

The former NFL player and Numbers Never Lie panelist was let go by ESPN today after disturbing details emerged last week from Deadspin and The Big Lead regarding an alleged confrontation between Douglas and ESPN Numbers Never Lie host Michael Smith at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention and Career Fair in Orlando.

Last week, a bunch of folks tweeted me complaining about how this wasn’t getting nearly the (national) coverage that the Riley Cooper thing did. Agreed– it didn’t. But look at the outcome: Cooper is still an Eagle and Douglas is out of a job. Coverage has little to do with anything here. Plus, you can’t really compare the two situations. Black on black racism and white on black racism – caught on camera – are entirely different animals. Not saying one is necessarily worse than the other, but if you can’t see why one got more attention than the other, I don’t know what to tell you.

Anyway, Hugh is fired.


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  1. ThePhillyFlash August 6, 2013 at 2:57 pm
    Reason #123,456 how too much firewater brings out the fool in EVERYBODY. Yo, Hugh, enjoy your coming pink slip from ESPN.

    Guess I called that one, didn’t I? But then, Stevie Wonder could’ve seen that coming.

    1. Stories like this & the Riley racial slur incident are just common symptoms of the real problem, (although in Hugh’s case, he was addressing a man of his race, not disparaging people of another race the way Cooper mistakenly did). There is a real race issue going on in this country that won’t go away until we fix the very socioeconomic system itself. Until then, there will continue to be a huge disparity in financial wealth, incarceration and lack of education between ‘minorities’ and white people…and I say this as a white man who has studied and learned the facts. It’s true, the people who run this socioeconomic system are overwhelmingly white. And this system has to have “classes” of people in order to sustain itself … Any system that has to have seemingly endless hierarchies, “upper class”, “middle class” and “poor people” in order to function properly…is a backwards system. …and no, the reason “minorities” in this country statistically end up on the short end of the stick is not because they are inferior human beings or aren’t doing things the right way — like so many people want to believe — it’s because the system itself needs to have division and finger pointing among society to help facilitate the idea that somehow humans belong within “classes” of society.

  2. Obviously racism is still very much a problem in our society… But do we make it any better by hosting events like “National Association of Black Journalists Convention and Career Fair in Orlando”?We seclude ourselves in silos yet still wanted to be treated as equal. Do we have Hispanic journalist conventions? God forbid if there were a white journalists convention. Every one associated would be labeled a bigot.

    1. I know, hes tired of black bitches, makes ya mad dont it that they wanna be with white girls when theres so many black girls out there?

  3. nice pussyfooting around a sensitive subject, kyle. if you can’t see that, i don’t know what to tell ya.

  4. This was a smart move by ESPN. They’re making a statement that loudly yells, racism of any kind will NOT be tolerated. For all of the white guilt liberals out there, this proves that people of color can and are also racist.

  5. The Phillies tried to sell me a TV again today. I unsubscribed to the Phillies Newsletter. Oh Well.

  6. He’ll be back working weekends with pot head rob cherry or he will be doing a pre or post game eagles show for 97.5 or wip

    1. Or with that bag of cocks who stiffed the cabbie and threw out the “do you know who I am?” line. Whatever happened to that shitstain?

      1. He actually works for Sirius now and has a national (I guess that’s what you call satellite radio?) show now.

        Hard to believe, but true.

  7. Uncle Tom? I don’t see that as a racist remark. It’s an honor to be called by that name. It’s a whole better than be called Nigga or Nigger as we have been hearing a lot lately

  8. What a double standard, when Douglas is fired and Riley Cooper keeps his job. They’re just reinforcing that a white man can get away with anything.

    1. Cooper won’t last the season his own teammates have plans for his country ass aka Mr. saltine.

  9. If this doesn’t help Eagles to get a clue nothing will. Riley on team is an outrage.

  10. “Not saying one is necessarily worse than another…” When a race was subjugated to almost 500 years of slavery and cultural suppression by another it better well be clear that one is worse than another. We don’t live in a historical or cultural vacuum. We all got here by what happened before and if people like Reilly Cooper would study some history and realize that the world would be a better place.

    1. I agree and the ancestors of the African tribes who captured and sold fellow Africans for centuries before they ever saw a white European should be found and castrated today.

      1. The ancestors of those who enslaved others should be castrated? Are you serious? They had nothing to do with these heinous acts.
        We all have a responsibilty to learn from history and to be mindful of the sensitivities of other races and cultures, but to punish innocent ancestors is absurd.

      2. The ancestors of those tribes, by their very definition, came BEFORE the tribe members, not after. You won’t be finding them because they have been dead for hundreds of years. The word you are looking for is “descendants.”

        Either way, your statement is moronic.

    2. If the dumb asses didn’t sell their own people into slavery it wouldn’t have been an issue. Also considering us white folks are carrying the millions of unemployed blacks of say we’ve about evened out slavery

      1. Chris let’s take a trip to the zoo so I can push you into the lions den, the pleasure would be all mine…

        1. If we go to the zoo just walk into the lion cage with me,I’m sure your fast enough to run away . After all that’s how blacks got so fast. They had to be fast or they’d end up dinner for a lion or tiger etc. it’s in your DNA

  11. One comment was directed at a fellow co-worker, the other was directed at a stranger or maybe even no on ein particular. If you can’t see the difference, idon’t know what to tell you.

  12. I suspect that if Hugh’s alcohol induced screw up wasn’t literally right on the heels of the Riley Cooper drama, Hugh would’ve been suspended for a couple of weeks, then brought back to the network. No doubt the suits at ESPN panicked and gave Hugh the chop. No matter, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hugh winds up on Fox Sports 1 or the NFL Network.

  13. Two totally different situations Cooper is a huge red neck dick, no doubt and he should’ve been cut. He went to that concert representing his employer and acted like an ass, cut. Michael Smith is a pussy, who should have handled his business 1 on 1 with a coworker at a later date. ESPN are just covering their ass. That being said gotta love you white guilt mofo’s commenting on this story bringing up slavery. Every race and ethnicity has been subjugated at one time or another in history, see the jews, the irish, the japanese and germans post war. Get the fuck over it and move forward its just a fucking word.

  14. “But look at the outcome: Cooper is still an Eagle and Douglas is out of a job.”

    That’s because being one of the 150 best WRs around makes you difficult to replace, while being a retired football player in a suit makes you slightly more difficult to replace than a lightbulb.

  15. If it’s just another word, why did Cooper and others say it in the manner they did. They obviously expected it to carry WEIGHT. The weight is because most people know what is means to African Americans. How could it have that weight when a another Black guy says it. And, yes, slavery has existed in the past, but race mixed with slavery is a relatively recent pairing. While all bad, race and slavery is a whole new ball game compared to economic, hereditary caste system- based slavery. You can’t hide your skin color – unless your Michael Jackson.

    1. “And, yes, slavery has existed in the past, but race mixed with slavery is a relatively recent pairing.” Yeah, this isn’t true.

      1. “Slavery and racism are a recent pairing”. I dont know where to begin with that stupid comment. Like, 200 years ago slave owners werent racist, or the slaves we own today are just now finding out that racism exists, they must be shocked!!. All the slaves like Hugh Douglass that make millions, wonder if he knew that racism was around, since all of todays slaves like Lebron James and Barack Obama, the most powerful man on earth given his job largely by white people who make up most of the US. Lets go further, he wouldnt have his Job as president unless white people wanted the black guy in, because all the blacks asians latinos put together still dont give him enough votes to win.

  16. Right now Hugh Douglas is having emergency rectal surgery to remove his wifes’ size 10 stiletto heel from his backside.

  17. Just another black guy who doesn’t do what they are supposed to do and gets added to the unemployment line….Gee I’m shocked.

  18. I am enjoying listening to the talking heads on WIP tryto cover for their butt brother Hugh. As they continue to pound on Cooper (because it is politically correct and safe) they give the drunken slob Douglas a free pass. Interesting double standard.

  19. I am enjoying listening to the talking heads on WIP tryto cover for their butt brother Hugh. As they continue to pound on Cooper (because it is politically correct and safe) they give the drunken slob Douglas a free pass. Interesting double standard.

    1. Interesting thought, Bill. I believe “Ethics anyone?” expressed a similar sentiment just a short time ago.

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