Marcus Hayes Proved What a Colossal Idiot He is in a Twitter Brawl Last Night

Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 10.53.45 AMMarcus Hayes, who doesn’t know how to use Twitter, started shouting into the wind about Ichiro last night. Hayes’ colleague at the Daily News, Ryan Lawrence, took the bait. What followed was a knock-down, drag-out, two-hour Twitter brawl in which Hayes accused Ken Griffey Jr. of using steroids, acknowledged that Chase Utley could’ve too, and argued that Jimmy Rollins is better than Utley.

Lawrence schooled Hayes, whose Utley-hating, racist tendencies reared their ugly head, again. Hayes also displayed his hatred for stats and logic.

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In some cases Tweets are out of order since there were several streams of (barely-)consciousness going on.


If you are having trouble with the “read next page” button, you can view an image of the conversation here. You may need to zoom. 

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25 Responses

  1. Marcus Hayes should be fired. He’s supposed to be a sports reporter and he’s arguing that Ichiro is better then Ken Griffey Jr.?

    The mere fact that he is paid to give his opinion is a crime. He makes Skip Bayless look like a genius…and Skip Bayless tweeted last week that the Seattle Seahawks had a chance to unseat the Patriots as the #2 team in the AFC.


  2. Also, Ken Griffey baseball for SNES was the TITS!!!! Great game man. That brings back memories…

    Reading through this just makes me furious…it should be funny but it’s not. How does someone so uninformed, off base and downright dumb get to where he is now when so many people who actually have half a clue do not? What the fuck is the logic in THAT guy getting paid for his opinion? That’s fucked six ways to Sunday.


  3. I guess this knocks Marcus out of contention for being chosen as a member of the 21st century version of the Algonquin Round Table?

  4. Man, it’s guys like this and Howard Eskin that make me hate sports media. It’s like arguing with a toddler, he won’t know he is wrong until you put him in the corner- or fire him, in Hayes’ case.

  5. So, there’s 300 brain dead morons out there who waste their time following Bill Conlin lite? As sports reporters/columnists go, Hayes is THE biggest racist douche of the last decade, maybe longer. I’m glad Ryan Lawrence took Hayes’ ever expanding ass to school.

  6. If it ever comes out that Ken Griffey, Jr. did PEDs I’m done with baseball forever. Psychologically I wouldn’t be able to handle it.

    And by the way, although I agree that Ichiro is great, but Griffey was greater, apparently, Ichiro is one of the most prolific batting practice home run derby hitters ever to play. He would consistently kick Griffey’s ass in home run hitting contests when they were is Seattle. I would have loved to see Ichiro at an all-star game home run contest.

  7. The day Barkann made him look like a complete pussy bitch on live television is in my top 5 sports viewing memories. I seriously thought he was going to cry.

    Kyle please dig that clip up dude. The anniversary of that moment needs to be a yearly CB celebration.

    1. I remember this. And it was fucking gold. Actual Marcus Hayes quote to Michael Barkann- “Tell me what I need to know, dad.” Kyle, dig it up. Crossing Broad needs to see this.

  8. Man, Marcus Hayes makes me look like I have a PhD in astrophysics…

    That said, he’s allowed to be racist because he’s black. If you don’t like it, that means you’re anti-progress, close-minded, and racist yourself. If you don’t wanna talk about it, that means you’re a coward, skippy.

  9. Leave it to racists to always believe it is always about race. Racism is still alive because fucking assholes like him won’t let it die….if something doesn’t go his way, it must be racism ::rolls eyes:: what a fucking asshole creep-bitch.

    Marcus Hayes is a transgender Oprah.

  10. Besides being handicapped and black, what qualifications does Marcus have to maintain his position as a sports writer?

  11. Ken Griffey Jr., baseball was one of the finest video game of all time. Marcus Hayes is a moron who should just walk into on coming traffic during rush hour.

  12. I cant believe I read that whole exchange… I feel dumber because of it…Excuse me while I put another bullet hole in my cranium….Ken Griffey Baseball was the shit by the way.

  13. Good for Lawrence..destroyed Marcus. I do think there is something there between Utley and Marcus. He hates Utley for some reason.

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