Oh Hey, The New GTA Trailer is Here to Halt Your Productivity, Life

GTA III played a pivotal role in my development into becoming the fine man I am today. I hung the map of Liberty City that came packaged with the game in my dorm room at Villanova, but then – quickly – realized that, yeah… that wasn’t going get me laid. So I took it down. Don’t get me wrong, I still played the game. But, to this day, it continues to serve as a symbolic reminder of the chasm that can exist between being a hardcore gamer and touching breasticals.

Somewhere deep down inside (and I think I know where…), I’ve always held a grudge against GTA for costing me about a month of regretful decisions, and I haven’t played a game in the series in years.

But that might all change with the release of GTA V on September 17. The first trailer planted the seed and this one just watered it. I have to get the game, even though September is going to be nerd overload. For real, I don’t know how I’m going to function with the new iPhone announcement, three Eagles games to start the season, the season premiere of HomelandNHL 14, FIFA 14, and now, GTA V all happening in the span of 20 days. Fuck! Well… no. Probably not. It’s all coming back to me now.

H/T to the guy who sometimes hates me, via Kotaku


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  1. You haven’t played a game from the series in years? Which I’m guessing means you haven’t played a game in the series since the last one came out which was probably about 4 or 5 years ago now.

  2. Already pre-ordered, and I absolutely cannot wait to pick it up the day it comes out. This game looks absolutely fan-fucking-tastic!

  3. Cant wait! I bought Splinter Cell: Blacklist in the mean time to pass the time until GTA and its fucking killer! Highly recommended!

  4. I only ever played GTAIV…I thought it was incredibly boring. I can’t believe it has a 98% rating on metacritic…one of the most overrated games ever. So I wasn’t really excited for this at all, but the more I see, the more interested I get. I’ll give it a whirl once the price goes down.

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