Riley Cooper Has Now Received the Taiwanese Animation Treatment


Dear Kyle,

My name is Jessica and I’m writing from Next Media Animation (a.k.a. the crazy Taiwanese Animators). Being the site that uploaded the video of Riley Cooper dropping the N Bomb and exposing this to the world, I thought you may be interested to see our take on the event.

Hope you get a kick out of it!



Why yes, Jessica, we are interested.

Not sure if I laughed harder at the kid punching his nuts or the instant sleeve-ripping. Good work, Taiwanese animators.


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  1. Since you are such a megastar now, I guess you aren’t going to individually respond to your loyal readers anymore… 🙁 so much for the golf tournament I guess…

    All because our 2nd string receiver said the N word at a Kenny Chesney concert. What has our world come to

    1. CB is all over the place today – TMZ, Huffington Post, Deadspin…etc. Thankfully most places I’ve seen the story they’ve given credit where it is due.

  2. Now sports radio is unlistenable for the rest of the week thanks to this site. Thanks smh smdh no lol ttyl

  3. Kyle, did you get a blowjob or a handy for the national firestorm you caused?

  4. reminds me of my of some good times i had with nails back in the day. rigggght on rileeey.


  5. Anyone that doesn’t think that Villanova asshole Kyle Scott has a made a n****r joke is fooling themselves. You deserve an ultimate beat down right next to Riley Cooper

    1. hey there…I see you’re another bitch ass racist…got the balls to say the same thing offline. Probably not…you’re probably an ugly bastard that gets no pussy…yea I’m the one fucking your sister. I had her white ass swallowing my white-negro-skeet.

  6. I had no idea that the Taiwanese were so racist toward the white people. Totally disgusting. “Totally”.

  7. Riley is sorry alright only because he got caught if he didnt get caught on camera he still be using that same kinda talk guratee it

  8. Cant wait till the season starts i bet guys are taking bets right now who hits him the hardest coming cross the middle cant wait to see him get blasted

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