Roy Halladay Wants You Dead, Sensational Headline Writer

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 9.12.55 PMRoy Halladay backtracked on comments he made on Tuesday:

“I felt like what was said necessarily wasn’t written. And I just want to make it well known that I have a lot of respect for Charlie. There were some articles put out that offended me and I’m sure offended Charlie. And I called him today and talked to him about it. We’ve been in a lot of contact. I loved playing for him. He was a great manager. Everybody here loved him. The players loved him. And he was a lot of the reason they won the World Series here. I just want to make that point clear. I was also trying to say that I feel like if there was somebody that’s going to replace a guy like that then it’s going to be a Ryne Sandberg type of person with the experience that he carries and everything else.

“But I really felt like a lot was lost in translation with respect to Charlie. I just want to make that clear. I don’t endorse any manager’s firing. The players get managers fired. Any time a manager is fired as a player you feel like you haven’t done your job.”

“Really, that’s it. I just want to make sure the air is clear there. I talked to Charlie and we’re good. But I wanted him to know that I really enjoyed playing for him and as far as managers have gone, he’s the best I’ve ever been around. I really enjoyed the time with him. At the same token I look forward to working with Ryne, too. Really, that’s about it. I think I saw one title that said I endorsed the firing of Charlie Manuel. And that really bothered me, so I just wanted to make sure we were all clear.”

This may be the most predictable clarification ever. I thought it was quite obvious that Halladay’s comments were more an indictment of the slug players brought here in recent years than Manuel. Yes, certain players – veterans or otherwise – seemed to be way too comfortable with Charlie. But you shouldn’t need a manager to tell you not to show up to the ballpark late. That speaks more to the players than the manager.

That said, Halladay’s comments weren’t taken out of context, because everywhere they were posted (and in this video) included his full quotes. What he said came out wrong.

As for those headlines? I couldn’t find any with the words “Halladay” and “endorsed” relating to his comments yesterday… but CSN seemed to add just a bit of fuel on his grammatical fire with their post:

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 9.08.43 PM

That headline. I think he was talking about that headline.

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14 Responses

  1. I saw others on social media basically saying he endorsed the firing. And i do believe his words were taken out of context but people. He never said he endorsed the firing and that is what is being said that he said, so how exactly do you not take that as taking his words out of context?

    1. He was talking about the media, not random people on Facebook. Everywhere that posted the comments pretty much posted the full thing. It’s not like one line was picked out. His entire spiel was posted. I think people went overboard in their summary of it, but this wasn’t one of those times where something was printed wrong. Everything he said was written.

  2. I also thought that Halladay’s comments were more about the players and not Charlie. Players always said that Charlie was a players manager. To me, that meant that he didn’t ride them. That worked for a while with young, hungry talent. With so many ‘leaders’ hurt the past few years, it seemed the slugs and some veterans (Jogging Jimmie) just started punching the time clock. Maybe Ryne can turn that around but being a little more demanding. Charlie was just too nice.

    Halladay had to correct the headlines. Predictable maybe, but I believe that the writers and many others with a pulpit took his words the wrong way (Gargano and Macnow!!!!). They should have seen that Halladay was really trying to be the leader that he is and calling out the players, not Charlie.

  3. It was on, but it’s already been taken down or re-written. Not sure who wrote the article, as I only saw it at a glance…and no, I don’t have a screenshot unfortunately.

    1. Yeah, I definitely saw a headline to the effect of “Halladay endorses Manuel’s firing” yesterday afternoon. It was the same article that had been posted originally, but with a more sensational headline that stretched Halladay’s comments beyond reasonable interpretation.

      Crossing Broad Meme: Criticizes people for overreacting, has an obsessive personal vendetta against Ryan Braun that he posts about almost daily.

  4. I dont really think his quotes were taken out of context at all. In the context of the question and conversation, what he said was very damning of both the players and Charlie. I think he either: A) Completely chose the wrong words and phrasing and fucked up what he meant to say. Or B) Was a little too honest and didnt really consider the gravity of what he said.

    Well never know either way really, especially because Doc is a smart guy and usually doesnt do these things, so I think people can take him at his word more than other guys. Either way, I dont think you can really fault anyone for being upset at what he initially said.

  5. While I despise Amaro, putting players showing up late on him is just ridiculous. I know you like to always bash on management (of all the teams), but it absolutely is a manager’s job to make sure everyone is on time and working on game day.

    Also, Crossing Broad chiding other sites for sensationalizing headlines is pretty hilarious ^.^

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