The Cleveland Indians Released Brett Myers Today with This Matter of Fact Tweet

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 3.59.18 PMMyers started three games for the Indians and had an 8.02 ERA before a right elbow injury sent him to the DL.

From Indians Baseball Insider:

Myers attempted a comeback in June but had to be shut down when he suffered a setback. He recently had been pitching on a rehab assignment in the minors, but the Indians released him rather than activating him and having to add him back as an active member of the 40-man roster and lose a player.

The Indians signed Myers to a one year $7 million contract in the offseason hoping he would provide innings and be a consistent starter for the rotation. There have been grumblings over the past few months that Myers and the Indians did not see eye to eye with his injury, so this is a move that comes as no surprise. He is now a free agent and free to sign with any team.

If you’re keeping score at home and want to feel really sad, here’s a running list of the 2008 World Fucking Champions (going by World Series roster) that are no longer in baseball or don’t have a team:

Pat Burrell

Eric Bruntlett

Chris Coste

Pedro Feliz

Geoff Jenkins

Matt Stairs

Ryan Madson

J.C. Romero

Brad Lidge

Chad Durbin

Scott Eyre

Jamie Moyer

Brett Myers

Incredibly, Greg Dobbs is still playing baseball.

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12 Responses

    1. “After he was released he went home and punched his wife.” Damn her!

  1. Wow, so guys from 5 years ago, some of whom were already aging veterans, some of those guys are no longer playing professional sports? Whoa you just blew my mind Kyle.

    1. I could add some active names to that list – ones who should have retired or will be soon. Maybe Rube will be looking at Myers for the bullpen and sign him to a three year 12 million contract, because, you know, he was part of the WS team!!!!

  2. That’s depressing. Now you have made me feel EXTREMELY OLD. Here, I thought that the World Series win was only 3 years ago. Damn.

    In lighter news of the former Phillies, Brett Myers went home, slapped his wife, found Charlie Manuel to throw a shaving cream pie in his face, and then went to Boston to punk Shane Victorino, trying to fool him into thinking he was traded to Japan for the former Hot Dog eating champ Kobiyashi.

    But on Current Phillies news, Freddie Galvis announced he’s going to be a dad.

  3. You forgot Adam Eaton.

    Oh wait, you said you were going by World Series roster.

    I really just wanted to raise everyone’s blood pressure by saying “Adam Eaton.”

  4. What’s to feel sad about? Those guys either retired or were no longer good enough to continue playing. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all they did for the Phils to help us win a championship, but their time had come and gone. End of story.

  5. So how much $$$ did this wife beating scumbag make in his career? 50 MILL?
    Riley cooper is starting, you know why Kyle……he’s a _ igger. Sorry, key slip, he’s a bigger receiver.
    You and your girlfriend missey tried real hard to railroad this guy and, YOU LOSE

  6. you forgot Clay Condrey and the ever-worthless So Taguchi on that list. they were both on the roster for the WS but never saw the field so they didn’t show up in any box scores

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