Today in (More) Sad Kevin Kolb News


Following the Bills’ announcement yesterday that Kevin Kolb would miss the entire season due to (another) concussion, I stumbled across this. Being that the player selection is downright odd (no Cunningham or Reggie White? the “stripezilla” era taking up the majority of the choices?), it looks like there’s some sort of licensing issue at play… but it also looks like there’s a “no one ever wanted a Kevin Kolb jersey, even in fan favorite Kelly Green, and after three years, there’s an optimistic inventory manager who truly believes they have slightly more value than the cost of otherwise unutilized warehouse space” issue as well. Pro Tip: buy this jersey now for ironic “2010s” parties fifteen years from now; it’s a walking conversation starter.

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5 Responses

  1. I actually bought that jersey when it came out. Kolb. Bought the one from Hong Kong though, ain’t nobody got time to be payin $300 for a football jersey. $38 yo.

  2. I think there’s some hard rule about how low they’ll go to sell jerseys. You’re not going to see any kit on the official web shops going much lower than $29.99, even if they sell literally 0, as they will with this Kolb jersey.

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