Twerk Added to Oxford Dictionary

Miley_twerkCongratulations, World, we’ve allowed Miley Cyrus to influence our lexicon. Somewhere, a group of chimpanzees laugh– never has throwing feces seemed so advanced.

Today, the Oxford University Press announced quarterly updates to its Oxford Dictionaries Online, and reading some of the additions (in context!) will make you feel like you’re watching an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians whilst being fucked by a Buzzfeed editor:

Picture this. You’ve just uploaded a selfie to your favourite social media website using your phablet when your FIL (that’s your father-in-law) shares a supercut of a srsly mortifying twerking session. You immediately unlike his page because there isn’t an emoji capable of expressing your desire to vomapols, but it’s time for a digital detox. Research by the Oxford Dictionaries team shows that these terms have been absorbed by popular culture, hence their inclusion in the latest ODO update.

I briefly dated a girl who was ahead of the emoji curve. She was terrible and threw up on me on her birthday. Texting with her was like using flash cards to communicate with a performance dolphin. That’s my point of reference.

Anyway, they don’t say if the proliferation of the word twerk over the last few days had an impact on the update. But, as usual, we can just blame a young female pop star for the degradation of society on perhaps the same day that we bomb a Middle Eastern country for something they may or may not have done. Bad, Miley. Bad!

You can read the full list of additions here (I am glad to see derp is finally getting its just due– Donovan McNabb will be thrilled!).

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10 Responses

  1. People who think Miley is hot are the same Delco trash who think Suzie Celek is female. Blacks really milking this 50 year march in Washington

  2. Other additions to the Oxford dictionary: a picture of Kyle next to the word “snitch.”

  3. Kyle – On a completely unrelated note, who do you think copies more content from each other? CB or 700 Level? My vote is CB.

  4. whats the point of this….you say at the beginning that miley has influenced our lexicon and then a bunch of pointless blotter about new words and a fantastic personal story and conclude with saying that you arent sure if miley has an influence on the addition of the new words

    you should have just said “i dated a girl one time and she threw up on me” the end

    youre a few days late on the “lets talk about miley cyrus so that we get more pageviews” bandwagon

    1. Obviously you missed the end where he trashed the media for its obsession with inane pop culture stories (i.e. Miley Cyrus), while meanwhile, important shit is happening (the US going to war again, where this time it might blow up into a huge multinational conflict)

  5. just become a pop culture blog. retention > hits. or start a blog where you just post this b/s for SEO and keep it separate from philly sports.

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