Villanova’s Fake Punt Against Boston College is the Play of the Year

NovaI’m really tempted to grammatically recite the fight song right now, but I’ll restrain myself and just quietly raise my \\// as I sit here blogging from the beach.

Villanova lost to BC, 24-14. But it’s the GIF that matters.

H/T (@Alex_Hendler)

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8 Responses

  1. So, instead of losing by 17, that bit of trickeration helped Villanova lose by only 10 instead. Big whoop.

  2. People like you are the validation of deciding not to go to Villanova.

    At least St Joe’s doesnt pretend they have a football program.

    1. Ball-runner was actually the guy who did the second “snap”. He fakes handing it off between his legs to the guy behind him, but just holds onto it. It was a pretty fun play.

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