Andy Reid Puts Sal Pal in His Place

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 12.52.28 AMANDY REID JOINS THE REVOLT AGAINST SAL PAL! Welcome, Tomato.

Big Red may have kissed Derrick Gunn after the game… but he was significantly less cordial to the completely over-the-top and irritably grating Sal Paolantonio, who snaked an interview with Reid for ESPN before Alex Flanagan and her cat-scratch voice could get to Reid for AN INTERVIEW WITH THE NETWORK THAT AIRED THE GAME(!).


“You’re blocking me. Are you blocking me?”

“Keep walking, Brian. This guy’s not that important right here.”

“That was a big one… that was as big as Sal Paolantonio, baby.”

FANTASTIC! Where was this personality for the last 14 years?

Sal Pal was pretty tough on Reid the past few years during his radio hits and completely nonsensical one-hour show. Perhaps Reid took notice? Is there something else here? Anyone?

Whatever the case– I like it.

Hilarious video after the jump.

Link if video doesn’t play.


7 Responses

  1. Hate that we didn’t shove this in Andy’s face. But oh well. Gift wrapped it to him.

    Damnit Vick. Where’s Foles? To be just as bad. 2015 Birds!

  2. Don’t blame him for doing that at all. Sal Pal talked so much shit about Reid during his time here.

    1. He isn’t…..this is only the internet so I won’t eviscerate you like the others will. 😉

  3. Sal Pal is such a weasel. He talked so much crap when reid got fired and said he will never be a successful head coach again, and clowned him when Arizona said they were interested. Now that Reid is 3-0 Sal Pal is trying to be his buddy again??? Pound sand Sal Pal. He got what he deserved. Loved this. Not to mention he weaseled his way in to get the interview before NFL network could even get to him. What a joke this guy is. Two faced.

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