A Sunshiny View of the Eagles

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Eagles police escort to stadium, pic via Ryan Messick

Eliot Shorr-Parks on why the Eagles might not be bad:

The good news for the Eagles is that they are not kicking off this season in the 1970s. More so than ever, offense wins in the NFL. The New Orleans Saints had one of the worst defensives statistically in the NFL history last season and won seven games. Offensively, the Eagles have a potentially dominant offensive line, a top-three running back, a home-run hitting receiver, and a solid set of tight ends. The weapons are certainly there. As it does with every team in the NFL, the play of the quarterback will decide the Eagles season. If Michael Vick can be what he was in 2010- the last time he played under a contract year- the Eagles could put up big points.

The defense may very well struggle this season, but if the offense can produce as it is expected to, make no mistake about it- the Eagles will be in every game they play this year, which is more than could be said last season.

Not to mention the now removed cancers of Jason Babin and Nnamdi Asomugha, Andy Reid no longer being here, Jason Peters being (allegedly) healthy, Chip Kelly, and the additions of Connor Barwin and, yeah, Cary Williams.

I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as most people think it will be. 10-6, I say. Starting with a huge win tonight, a loss on Sunday, and a win against the Chiefs.


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  1. Chip Kelly runs a gimmick offense that the league will figure out. He hasn’t coached one real game in the NFL and morons appoint him as a genius.

    Mike Vick is the QB

    The defense is awful.

    They have no wide receivers worth a damn.


    1. As much as I’d hate to admit it, you’re probably right. Either way, it’ll be nice to see something new and fresh.

  2. People are saying that Chip Kelly has this revolutionary offense that is fast paced. It seems to me, after watching football yesterday, that almost every team in the NFL runs an up tempo offense now. So what is so great and or different about the Eagles offense?

  3. I am way stoked for this game tonight. After dealing with Fat Andy’s nonsense for the past few years, it is exciting just to see something new out of this team.

    Will be watching from the greatest Eagles bar outside of Philly, ‘The Parrot’ in Ft. Lauderdale. Go Birds.

    1. “Fat Andy’s nonsense”. Yeah. Those years were awful weren’t they? Division Titles NFC Championship games. Being a contender every year that the quarterback was healthy and even one season when he wasn’t.

      What a dark period in franchise history.

      1. I said the past few years, not Andy’s entire tenure. There was nothing fun about going into the last couple seasons hoping he would learn to manage the clock and not throw 70 times per game. Nothing fun about 4-12.

        DS loves fat men.

  4. All fans of lousy teams say they can see their squad going 10-6 every year. The birds will go 7-9.

  5. We’re finally going to see a balanced offense with a running game.

    That will help both our offense (less turnovers by Vick from him trying to hold onto the ball for 5 minutes), and the defense (as there should be longer sustained drives on offense).

    At least 9-7, possibly 11-5.

  6. No doubt. Chipper and his fuhkaktah high tempo offense will “revolutionize” the sport. For about 5 minutes, and then when the entire league catches on to what they’re doing, it’ll be another losing season.

    But, hey, he’s SOOOO untraditional!

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