Big 5 Teams are Going to Play a Ton of Games on National TV

I’ll see you over on FOX, Erin

For all the worry about conference realignment hurting non-powerhouse football schools (or just non-football schools), like those in the Big 5 and Drexel, things shook out surprisingly well. The A-10 has an ESPN-NBC-CBS Sports deal and the Big East has a FOX-CBS deal, meaning dozens of local games will be broadcast on national TV.

All of sudden, ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN U aren’t the only options for nationally televised games. Oddly, the TV revenue that helped break apart conferences and hurt smaller programs also helped those same smaller programs get exposure. Villanova will play every one of its 31 regular season games on national TV (most on FOX Sports 1). Temple will play over 20 games on national TV (most on ESPN channels). La Salle will have at least 15 (a smattering of ESPN, FOX, CBS and NBC networks). And even little St. Joe’s (sorry, can’t help myself) will have around a dozen (ESPN, CBS and NBC networks). And then there’s Penn!

As a Nova guy, I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out for the Big East. It could have been very bad for schools like Villanova, Georgetown and St. Johns, but the conference avoided doom by A) keeping the Big East name, B) keeping Madison Square Garden for the tournament, C) adding relatively notable teams like Xavier and Butler, and (D) signing a deal with FOX Sports, which has a ton of money invested in its new networks. I mean, look at this:

Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 3.58.19 PM

Yeah, the ACC and ESPN are still king. But FOX Sports 1 is partially building their network around Villanova, Georgetown and St. John’s. Fantastic!

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14 Responses

  1. Fuck the Big 5. Who is that beautiful piece of coose that’s seeing how big Jay’s such long is?

  2. Jay Wright fingers 18 year old lacrosse players in his office. After that he sticks his thin, noodley, one inch erection into RHEA “BEEF” HUGHES sweaty infected cunt and pumps it full of green slimey ejaculate. Then he sucks his lime jizz back out of her cunt and pukes it into kykle snotts moms anus.

  3. As a Villanova b-ball nut (who isn’t butt-hurt about other schools), I’m still crushed by what happened to the Big East, and will probably complain about it for the next decade. However, I’m super stoked about not having to go find a place that has ESPNU.

  4. I LOVE Villanova and hope they can add some of their old foes to their non-conference schedule in the coming years. Temple always plays powerhouses early and hope Villanova follows suit.

    I also support government run healthcare

  5. Kyle, You need to define ” national tv”. FS1 is not available on Directv , Dish or Time Warner.

    Thats 41% of the country !! Just sayin

  6. Hahaha “relatively notable teams like Xavier and butler”

    Such a typical d-bag nova fan, those 2 teams are leagues ahead of nova

  7. why is everyone so butt hurt over nova? its not like any of the other city teams can boast the success that they’ve had? Shut up you cry babies, and understand Temple in a minor league team compared to them, and is in the ghetto

    1. To the point, what success are you talking about? Consistently making the NCAA Tournament? Chaney had Temple in a million times so no clue what your point is there. Not saying that the many recent years that Nova has been ranked isn’t impressive. Just that your argument is pathetic for stating Temple is minor league.

      If we are talking actual championships. Nova has 1, just like La Salle.

      Going to a school (that’s actually in the city) like Temple is character building. Plenty of people who couldn’t deal with it. Same for the masses that hate Nova for it being a ritzy/preppy suburbia.

  8. Remember when wip uses to have their own website. Now they. Are under the CBS umbrella and I have to listen to boomers updates once an hour. Eakins gone. Gargano blows. Macnow is corny. Morning show sucks altogether. Frank and chart are the only ones worth a shit

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