Can You Perform a Simple Crossover and Push a “Wheel Barrel”? Well Then, Becoming a Flyers Ice Girl is For You!

Tryouts September 11 at 5:30 p.m. at Risque the Wells Fargo Center.

Some details:

Please come dressed to impress in proper athletic attire for the audition process. All applicants must come prepared with their own skates.

Professional looking hair and make-up is strongly encouraged. However, please make sure that your hair doesn’t hide your face, as one of the things the judges will be scoring you on is how well you demonstrate spirit, energy and enthusiasm.

Translation: Wear as little as possible. And though we appreciate spirit, energy and enthusiasm, we mostly just care if you’re hot or not. So don’t cover that pretty face, sweet thing, and look good, real good, and be prepared to demonstrate that you can shake it, perhaps on a table at Xfinity Live!

The reqs:

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 5.00.14 PM

I would assume you get bonus points if, for some peculiar reason, you’ve previously pushed a wheel barrel, or a wheelbarrow, on and or off an ice surface.

Apply here!

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6 Responses

  1. I know several of the ice girls through the figure skating community, and that girl in that video is a psychotic piece of work who does not represent at all what the TRUE ice girls represent, and she was let go by the Flyers Corporation a few months after this incident.

  2. I am a flyers ice girl and while I’m not trying out this season I can assure you that contrary to popular belief 1) we are not sluts/whores/strippers 2) we are all accomplished figure skaters and some of us also play hockey 3) the tryout consists of skating skills such as spins, jumps, footwork, hockey skills, and an interview portion during which we are judged on our knowledge of the sport and the Flyers.

    Crossing broad, maybe this year you should attend tryouts to see what it’s really about.

    PS the girl in the video was fired for her psychotic antics

  3. As a side note; watching Flyers games at Xfinity with a packed house is one of the most irritating experiences ever. That is, if you’re there to actually watch the game and not just to get shit-faced. Dumb fans asking me when Brayden Schenn changed his number to 22 and the commercial breaks with the PA guy announcing “derpy derp your Philadelphia Flyers are playing a hockey game, make some noise during the TV timeout so they can hear you all the way from the WFC, derp.” Never again.


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