Photo: Eagles

He did.

This was in the Roundup, but it deserves further calling out: Chip Kelly will be on the WIP Morning Show every Monday at 8 a.m. during the season.

Obviously, Andy Reid never would’ve agreed to such a thing, especially with the people he hated most.

Kelly, on the other hand, gets that being nice to Angelo Cataldi can go a long way (or at least prevent Cataldi from demanding answers with a bullhorn outside the NovaCare Complex). When Kelly first got here, he told Cataldi that he used to listen to his show quite a bit while recruiting in the area, and he even showed up at Wing Bowl.

Being that the WIP Morning Show sets the tone for Eagles reaction, having Kelly on the air at a peak time will help the Eagles snap at least a few of the inevitable pitchforks that come out after a loss. Oh, and it’ll be great for ratings, too.

And, of course, some beat writers will get all pee-on-the-pole territorial over Kelly saving his best answers for someone else: