Did Chip Kelly Do Something Unconventional Today?

Photo: Eagles

He did.

This was in the Roundup, but it deserves further calling out: Chip Kelly will be on the WIP Morning Show every Monday at 8 a.m. during the season.

Obviously, Andy Reid never would’ve agreed to such a thing, especially with the people he hated most.

Kelly, on the other hand, gets that being nice to Angelo Cataldi can go a long way (or at least prevent Cataldi from demanding answers with a bullhorn outside the NovaCare Complex). When Kelly first got here, he told Cataldi that he used to listen to his show quite a bit while recruiting in the area, and he even showed up at Wing Bowl.

Being that the WIP Morning Show sets the tone for Eagles reaction, having Kelly on the air at a peak time will help the Eagles snap at least a few of the inevitable pitchforks that come out after a loss. Oh, and it’ll be great for ratings, too.

And, of course, some beat writers will get all pee-on-the-pole territorial over Kelly saving his best answers for someone else:


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  1. “Being that the WIP Morning Show sets the tone for Eagles reaction…”

    I’m starting to wonder Philadelphia deserves every single bit of criticism it gets for its attitude towards professional sports, when a morning show of Angelo Cataldi, Rhea Hughes and Al Morganti is the go to mouthpiece for the common Philadelphia fan.

  2. Which prompts the question: Which do you choose between wanting answers and not wanting to hear Cataldi’s voice?

  3. I guess you are making the assumption that Kelly will provide “answers”? Because he won’t. He will speak in platitudes and cliches and the like. And morons like Cataldi will eat it up and spit it right back out because he likes Kelly.

    Its not about the football. Its about people Cataldi likes and dislikes.

  4. Was what Chip did unconventional? Hardly. Was it smart? Probably. A classic case of the squeaky wheel getting the grease. No matter, chances are Chip won’t give out anymore answers than Andy did.

  5. “Obviously, Andy Reid never would’ve agreed to such a thing, especially with the people he hated most.”

    Obviously. Because its not like Reid had a weekly show on WIP for years. And I’m pretty sure the hate originated from that obnoxious prick Cataldi. Just because Reid didnt want to get bombarded by a lunatic each week doesnt make him the bad guy here.

  6. I now have zero respect for Kelly. I can’t believe he even wants to associate himself with that jackass and his mean-spirited cohorts who magnify everything that is wrong with Philadelphia’s image, from the incredibly dumb Al Morganti to the incredibly classless Rhea Hughes. Good luck Chip!

  7. I can’t wait until this Pandering Fatso is back in college football when his gimmick offense flames out after two seasons.

    The guy is a two faced lying prick and he’s only here because of the sanctions against Oregon.

    Who has Cataldi hated? Reid and McNabb. Arguably the best coach and QB in the history of the franchise.

    Who deos he love? Some fat idiot who never won an NFL game…BUT he did appear at Wing Bowl.

    WIP is a joke.

    1. Why is McNabb the best QB in our history? I’d argue that since we’ve had such shit QB’s in our history, any QB who threw 90% of the time under fatass Reid would compile the stats Donnie Crybaby did and would be considered the best by fans like yourself.

  8. Looking forward to making another appearance when I show Cataldi what’s up with a 60 year old right hook to the face for this move!!!

    Nothing more professional than punching a fellow member of the media and not showering for a week.

  9. Well it sounds like the Eagles have already begun their crisis management with this chip kelly experiment…cataldi is a piece of crap, disrespectful, and amateur knowledge of sports at best

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