Did Michael Vick Test Drive a McLaren Just Hours Before Game Time?

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 12.51.30 PMUh oh.

Credit to our friend Adam Reigner (@AdamReigner) for unearthing yet another Vick bit. This one: After the Eagles game ended last night, the user HELLAVOXX wrote the following on IgglesPhans.com:

Wanna know how Vick spent his afternoon today instead of getting ready??

He was test driving the new Porsche [editor’s note: not Porsche] models. No lie. Took several test drives, hitting 140mph on I-95 a few times. 100% true, my good friend is a sales rep. Sent me a pic of him in the car with Vick.

And it fucking showed on the field.

Does this piss anyone else off as much as it does me???

Sounds fishy, but, upon request, HELLAVOXX uploaded a pic– a screenshot of a friend’s Instagram account.

As you can see, Vick was instantly grammed about 10 hours before 12:10 a.m. (perhaps outside the airport Marriott?), which would put it sometime before 3 p.m. He is sitting in what appears to be a Lamborghini McLaren.

Note the comment:

Lol… kinda hard to get an autograph when your talkin business and when he’s drivin 150mph down 95

Perhaps that’s exaggerated. Please be exaggerated.

[To be fair to Mike– I stole a sports car, sped to the airport, drove onto the runway and hijacked a regional jet in GTA V yesterday… so I can’t throw stones.]

The Instagram account is private, so we only have the screen grab to work off of. But, a few items of note: The user has several online dating accounts under the same handle (he’s down to earth, good-hearted and loves salsa dancing, btw). And though, in theory, the image could be Photoshopped, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The only thing that could be manipulated here is the timestamp, and there are no signs that it was. The Instagram spacing and fonts are correct, and the new IOS 7 status bar is in there.

Vick is a bit of a car buff. He has a site, ShowMike.com, “an online car show where you can upload your vehicle, motorcycle, boat or ATV and show [Mike] what you’ve done.”

I’m trying to get in touch with the user… and if he doesn’t respond to my Instagram request soon, I’m going to have to hit him up on OkCupid… and I’d really rather not do that.


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  1. Way to go you scumbag Kyle. It’s one thing to call Vick out on test driving Lambo’s and Porsche’s before a game but you pretty much sealed the fate of the salesman you douchebag. All for what ? So you can get some TMZ story out on the web. Your such a fucking creep dude. The best part of you ran down your mothers face. For sure that dealership is gonna fire him for A. Taking pics of a potential client and B. For telling is idiot friend who in turn sent it to you. You don’t give a fuck on who you screw over do you ? I love reading your site just to spot out all the bad shit I have building up in me. If I’m having a good day and wanna make it a bad one all I have to do is go to the keyboard and type CrossingBroad.com. You should make your motto , CroasingBroad.com getting innocent people fucked since 2008.

    1. Uh Bill…I feel sorry for you if that was a serious comment on your part. Um…like…people post on social media because THEY WANT PEOPLE TO KNOW what they’re doing. And if they don’t understand the world might be listening in, they’re simply ignorant numbskulls like yourself. Clearly the guy was bragging about being with Vick, and wanted people to know. Now they do. Sorry to have to be the one to explain all this to you.

      1. Actually he sent the pic to his friend in confidence who then sold it to kyle because hes essentially a paparazzi whore.

    2. This dude has no life worrying about other people test driving cars he will never even sit in!! And the salesman didn’t get fired he is a good friend of mine, and our other idiot friend that couldn’t keep his mouth shut was crying and begging for for forgiveness!!!

  2. Pro Tip: don’t want your life fucked up by some dude on the internet……Don’t post shit on the internet that potentially can fuck up your life.

    1. I don’t know who is the bigger douche, the salesperson taking pictures or Vick, potentially, blowing his money on Lamborghini’s? Overall, I agree with Sean, the SP should have kept his business to himself. IMO, if he took pictures and made them semi-public he deserves to be shit canned.

  3. Maybe I’m in the minority, but I really don’t give a shit what Michael Vick was doing at 3 in the afternoon yesterday, as long as it wasn’t something that was physically or mentally taxing ( I wouldn’t consider test driving cars to be either).
    Would everyone feel better if he were doing yoga before the game?
    And what was Riley Cooper doing before the game? Yeah, he’s the guy who was covered like a blanket all night, giving Vick one less offensive choice each play.
    And by the way, I also don’t give a shit if Vick pisses all his money away on cars.

  4. I’m with junkhead, I don’t give a fuck what he was doing in the afternoon before a game. Especially a Thursday night, short week game.
    This Thursday game screws with this normal prep schedules.
    If cars gives his mind a break then go for it.

  5. Was Vick late to the field??? Didn’t hear that was the case so who gives a fuck what he did before the game

  6. I support Kyle on this. Expose everyone. This team is fueled by a roster full of morons. Drive 150mph on 95 seems safe in the afternoon I’m sure there were no cars with children in them around. Probably some dogs too. Next time take your boy Riley for a ride, drive south and keep going until you hit Cuba. Also stop staring down your first read and learn how to make a second read.

    Also supersalesman should stick to closing deals bro and leave the instagram braggery to people eating cronuts.

    1. ^^ This

      Just shows what an idiot Vick is. He and Chip are already exposed two quarters into the season. As far as the dumb salesman…..that’s all that needs to be said.

  7. What is the point of this story? Test driving a car throws your game off? Was he out drinking or doing drugs? No? Well then who cares.

  8. who gives a rat’s ass what he was doing on his own time before a game. the night before a big game, johnny mox was getting a whip cream bikini from darcy sears and he and the coyotes played just fine the next day. btw, fuck bud kilmer! anyway, im sure the 150 mph is greatly exaggerated. we all know that when people meet celebrities that the story of that interaction is greatly embellished. as for the guy who posted it, if he gets fired then its on him. as for the game itself, though vick did play like dogshit (no pun intended) the weight of the blame lies more with the defense. as is the case with chargers, the DEF simply couldnt get off the fucking field when it was needed most. in the meantime, i am looking to add one more broncos WR to my fantasy team because next sunday is going to be FUGLY! manning may throw 8 TDs on this high school JV defense!

    1. You blame the defense? You mean the defense that kept them in the game when they turned the ball over 3 times in the first quarter? I will go with the 5 turnovers and the spotting them 10 points right out of the gate as the reason they lost the game. Also, they have no wide receivers that scare anybody. All riley can do is block. Unfortunately shady wont be able to carry this entire offense.

      PS I enjoyed watching Alex Smith run sideline to sideline and in circles looking for open recievers. reminded me of cardio in zombieland.

  9. Jim Evans and Sean lets get the facts straight. First off the salesperson didn’t post it on social media. He sent it to a friend who in turn sent it to Kyle and he like a little child ran to put it up not worrying about who got screwed over in the process as long as CrossingBroad got their web hits.

  10. Wait. Vick drove 150? On I-95? In the afternoon? I call big time fraud on that! AIn’t nobody going faster than 50, hell, 5 mph during afternoon rush hour. Lord knows, traffic reporters on KYW and the local TV stations would’ve been all over that like stink on shit if he had.

  11. So what does this moron hellooooexttreeeme name think vick should be doing in the afternoon? Playing Madden to get ready? Vick’s terrible decisions were in the moment not because of what he did in the afternoon.

  12. 150mph at 3pm on 95? YEAH OK.

    …and who cares what he was doing on his PERSONAL time? If you’re saying that him test driving a vehicle FIVE hours before a game had any bearing on his performance than I have solid awesome oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you, cheap too. I wonder if this article would have been posted had they won last night….hmmmm…..

    Another non story, unless Vick was late to a team meeting, missed some type of team function this is just fluff. I’m by no means a Vick lover but this is just a ridiculous article.

  13. Yeah seriously 150mph anywhere on 95 in the middle of the day right before rush hour? Total bullshit right there. Someone would’ve noticed that and there’s no way there’s that little traffic. I’m lucky if I can get to 50 let alone 150. The salesman I’m sure was just trying to be cool and exaggerated big time while telling a story to his friend.

    And more importantly, who gives a flying fuck? If he wasn’t supposed to report to the stadium by 3pm who gives a shit what he was doing? I bet some players were at home seeing their kids after school or something at 3pm. Are we gonna rip on them for being unprepared because they weren’t watching film or doing reps? Vick didn’t have a bad game because he was driving Lambos, it’s because Lane Johson, Heremans, and Peters got owned, Jason Kelce sucks (completely overrated and I don’t understand why people don’t see this), Riley Cooper as a starting WR in the NFL is a complete joke, and Vick is what he is. He’s never gonna be 6’3″ so his passes will keep getting batted down and he’s never gonna be Peyton Manning with his audibles and coverage recognition.

    Also Thursday night football games are always terrible. The NFL needs to do something about this. The players are not rested or prepared enough because they don’t have a full week for gameplan install.

  14. What the man does on his own time has no bearin gon any of our lives whatsoever. Stop making a big deal out of such nonsense.

  15. I know I’m part of the minority. I don’t give a shit what any athlete does before he or she plays! What they do in their free time is their business! Get a freak’in life and stop hate’in!

  16. You jive whiners don’t know the struggle of a pro athlete. I played in my local flag football league on Wednesday night but 3 hours before that I was test driving a 96 Dodge Stratus, had a little oil leak but beggers can’t be choosers right? Freddie always beggin but nobody be choosin, you all see when I make my comeback in 2014! Freddie has to get back to designing his Crib in NFL 2K5.

  17. You little girls wish you were me, Freddie just got a call from a huge A lister, Jamie Kennedy wants to play 1 on 1. FREDEX! Living the dream baby girl!

  18. Lol how stupid and insensitive do you have to be to not censor the guys information and photo? And I love how he doesnt take the “story” down after, he just puts a new censored image in and rewrites the guys name to “person” and keeps the shit up as if nothing happened. What a joke this site has turned into.

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