Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 12.51.30 PMUh oh.

Credit to our friend Adam Reigner (@AdamReigner) for unearthing yet another Vick bit. This one: After the Eagles game ended last night, the user HELLAVOXX wrote the following on

Wanna know how Vick spent his afternoon today instead of getting ready??

He was test driving the new Porsche [editor’s note: not Porsche] models. No lie. Took several test drives, hitting 140mph on I-95 a few times. 100% true, my good friend is a sales rep. Sent me a pic of him in the car with Vick.

And it fucking showed on the field.

Does this piss anyone else off as much as it does me???

Sounds fishy, but, upon request, HELLAVOXX uploaded a pic– a screenshot of a friend’s Instagram account.

As you can see, Vick was instantly grammed about 10 hours before 12:10 a.m. (perhaps outside the airport Marriott?), which would put it sometime before 3 p.m. He is sitting in what appears to be a Lamborghini McLaren.

Note the comment:

Lol… kinda hard to get an autograph when your talkin business and when he’s drivin 150mph down 95

Perhaps that’s exaggerated. Please be exaggerated.

[To be fair to Mike– I stole a sports car, sped to the airport, drove onto the runway and hijacked a regional jet in GTA V yesterday… so I can’t throw stones.]

The Instagram account is private, so we only have the screen grab to work off of. But, a few items of note: The user has several online dating accounts under the same handle (he’s down to earth, good-hearted and loves salsa dancing, btw). And though, in theory, the image could be Photoshopped, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The only thing that could be manipulated here is the timestamp, and there are no signs that it was. The Instagram spacing and fonts are correct, and the new IOS 7 status bar is in there.

Vick is a bit of a car buff. He has a site,, “an online car show where you can upload your vehicle, motorcycle, boat or ATV and show [Mike] what you’ve done.”

I’m trying to get in touch with the user… and if he doesn’t respond to my Instagram request soon, I’m going to have to hit him up on OkCupid… and I’d really rather not do that.