Donovan McNabb is Throwing Himself Another Retirement Party

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 1.57.20 PMA couple of weeks ago we told you about the Eagles-Chiefs game after party that Donovan McNabb is apparently throwing to celebrate being celebrated by people who would really rather not celebrate him.

Now McNabb Tweets about a second party, which will be held on September 21 at Caesars, as yet another celebration of me! The trailer for the shindig seems… unnecessary:

We’ll bring you more details when they’re available, so stay tune


6 Responses

  1. September 21st? Damn! I had already planned to rearrange my sock drawer that night. Bummer! Looks like I’ll have to pass on that.

  2. Alright Dirty 30, listen up. Everyone make sure you’re down there early and often so as can boo the shit out of Princess Donovan one more time. Lets send him out like we brought him in!! #RickyWilliamsForLife

  3. Invite Riley Cooper and TO. MCFLAB is a HEADCASE that nobody gives a shit about and he cant deal being out of the spotlight ! Possibly we could get Ray Lewis to murder him. I need some Vagisil if anybody has any out there. Misseey Mikeee

  4. For someone who in order to be considered as a team leader always announced he was a team leader, throwing a retirement party for himself should not be surprising. As my mom used to say ‘What if Smarty gave a party and on one came?’

  5. He is not throwing himself a party. His family is. His Brother is throwing it along with his parents and spouse. If any of you retired, would you have a party?? So why can’t this man? You all need to grow up. i know because I did this trailer.

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