Donovan McNabb’s Shouty Halftime Speech

McNabb is weird.

Sorry for the low quality video and blatant mouseovers and volume adjustments, via the Eagles


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  1. This guy is such a dick. The crowd couldn’t care less. McNabb will always have an inferiority complex in Philly because so many other guys on the team are loved much more than him. TO, Westbrook, B-Dawk, just to name a few. Heck even Chad Lewis gets more respect.

  2. What the hell was he saying? The speech was disjointed, loud and obnoxious. Why the scowl on your face Donovan? Your number is being retired (which it shouldn’t be), smile a bit. Why are your pointing to banners that won divisions? So annoying….Bye 5

  3. Lived in Philly for 5 years, worst fans ever!!! (You have a courthouse in stadium enough said). Of course he has a scowl you guys never appreciated the BEST QB you ever had! He is a class act thru and thru and you guys never deserved him, how have ya done before him and after??? Hopefully you replace Jag as worst franchise, and your new coach is taking you there!! Vick will get killed running that many plays and your o-line sucks, defense is getting tired and its week three

    1. Worst fans ever? How so…cause we give a shit..unlike markets outside the northeast? And you do realize the Vet was imploded like 12 years ago…which had the courthouse to kick out a-holes in the 700 level. I’m a fan of McNabb…but that was a shit speech.

  4. McNabb is the most overrated professional athlete in Philadelphia sports history. He never won an MVP award, set any passing records, not won a Super Bowl. Why is his number even being retired? It’s not like he’s a Hall if Famer or something. Rush Limbaugh was totally right about him. Incidentally, Norm van Brocklin is the greatest QB in franchise history, not this mediocrity.

  5. Everyone forgets McNabb played 10 seasons but only had one season with an elite receiver…. TO. He holds pretty much all the eagles franchise QB records and posted better numbers than most QBs today… and again only had westbrook for everything. Imagine if he had DeSean, Shaddy, Maclin, Celek??

    1. Woulda, shoulda, coulda, imagine if…this must have been McNabb’s middle name. No pro athlete in Philadelphia sports history ever had the excuses made for him that we’re made for McNabb. Great quarterbacks make the players around them better, not vice versa. John Elway didn’t exactly have Hall of Fame receivers around him during his career. Who did McNabb EVER make better?

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