Eagles-Chiefs Tickets Start at Just $88

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76 and sunny tomorrow. Great day to drink a cool glass of Andy Reid. Here’s a summary of ticket availability courtesy of our friends at TiqIQ, the wizards behind Crossing Broad Tickets:

Andy Reid returns to Philadelphia with his new team, the 2-0 Kansas City Chiefs, to take on new Eagles coach Chip Kelly and the team Reid helped build. Both coaches have extensive offensive backgrounds and are off to solid starts with their new teams, as Kelly has the Eagles averaging over 30 points per game and sitting with a 1-1 start. Reid, on the other hand, has the surprise Chiefs sitting undefeated with what seems to be a borderline elite defense and an efficient offense.

While some of the storyline here revolves around the Eagles’ sick offense and Alex Smith trying to push KC to 3-0, the reality is this is all about Reid coming back into Philly as a member of the opposing team for the first time in over a decade. Reid was highly successful in Philadelphia, but after his firing last off-season, he moved on to the Chiefs. Needless to say, this is a flat-out value game with Philadelphia Eagles tickets at just $168 on average and a very affordable get-in ticket price of just $88.

Obviously Reid’s return is a huge selling point, but the fact that Philly’s offense has looked so good and can be so explosive should also help get more people in the seats. Still, even with several reasons to see this game jacked up in ticket price, this one still comes it at 13% below Philadelphia’s home game ticket average of $193 and prices have fallen 21% in the last week. 

Get tickets here.

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11 Responses

  1. I’m not entirely surprised … night games are the worst to attend. If you live in the burbs, you’re not getting home ’til 2 a.m. at the earliest … not the best plan on a school night. I’m going to this one because of the significance, but typically I sell my night games because I gotta go to work in the a.m.

      1. hey puber, TK made some valid points. They must have slipped your mind because you do not have to get up for a job in the morning and/or youre living under I-95.

  2. Kyle, you get free tickets from any of your sponsors or do you have to pay out of your own pocket? I’ll be in Sextion 134, you want to pay me $100 to hold a crossingbroad.com sign?
    Under one condition…I think you know what it is.

  3. Hey… the Texans vs. Chiefs game was more of a challenge Than the predictors predicted!

    The Texans home grown rookie QB Case Keenum had a good outing with one interception and will be a great QB in the future.

    The loss Arian Foster early in the 1st quarter was a big blow to the Texans offense…

    The big challenge with the Broncos in mid October is going to the ultimate challenge for the Chiefs. The game is in mile high stadium and a win there will be a big notch in Chiefs belt…Go Chiefs

    Oh Ya Denver received it 1st loss to the Colts Sunday…

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