Eagles Week 2 Splash Cartoon is Pretty Great

I made fun of these the other day– but the Eagles’ Week 2 splash cartoon is pretty great. This Hump Day thing will never jump the shark… never! Another nice job by the Eagles marketing folks, who are killing it lately.

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8 Responses

  1. that was fucking garbage, not sure how it’s funny. I’d rather have a root canal complete then listen to that again.

  2. Holy shit, that was horrible. Fucking un-creative, un-funny, astonishingly lame. Please for the love of God tell me nobody gets paid for that.

    The surest sign that something has fully jumped the shark is shitty knockoffs like this.

  3. My God that was so awful I kept waiting for a “this is a Joe Conklin production” disclaimer to show up.

  4. It’s amazing what a little optimism will do to people. After Chip gave us the first W and the media talking about us like we are the cool, new kid on the block, it’s easy to see why everyone, Eagles media relations included, are doing a great job with an inflated ego. I don’t think I’ve seen this town happier as a collective bunch in the last few years. Now if only Chip could get me laid…

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