Evan Turner Tried to Cut the Line for GTA V at Gamestop Last Week


Email from reader Steve:

Pics of your boy Evan turner buying GTA V. AKA begging the guys at GameStop to let him have a copy.

Evan showed up around 12:30 at the mall with that short guy in the Toms, They first tried to just walk in front of the line of about 100-150 people, after they were denied they pleaded with the gamestop guy, Evan didn’t try to name drop, but his friend did. It was pathetic.

Weak fucking sauce from The Kid ET right there. Didn’t even name-drop? Are you kidding me? You’re an NBA player buying Grand Theft Auto (in King of Prussia, no less!) and you pull sheepish shit like that? Nonsense. Franklin in GTA V would’ve marched his ass to the front of the line, grabbed four copies of the game, assaulted the women and children that were waiting, stolen an airplane and hightailed it out of there and gotten shot down at that second, military airport because it’s impossible to fucking land there because those fighters have permission to engage and intercept any passenger jet passing over the base seriously how the hell do you land there?

I think I’m mixing worlds.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 4.12.45 PM

Anyway, Evan Turner waits in line at midnight for video games… just like you!




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  1. Don’t try to land at the Military base. You can parachute in or drive a car in and steal a tank or military jet.

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