Even Danny Watkins Finds it Hilarious That He’s in the NFL

Danny Watkins was signed by the Miami Dolphins, presumably as insurance in case of a flare-up in the players lounge. Speaking the Miami Herald, Watkins talked about the fact that, yeah, it’s kind of messed up that they pay me to do this:

“I got to Philadelphia and it was just a rough go from the get-go,” Watkins said. “I felt like it just got broken down to bones and never got built back. It was more a mental thing. I was very disappointing to myself that it never panned out the way it could. Because I know I can play physical and tough football but it just never … I think it was more a mental aspect than anything.

“These last three years have been such a whirlwind. it was great opportunity to play in the NFL. My college career was great, I love Baylor and what they did for me there. Looking back, six years ago if you had told me I’d be in the position I am today, I would have laughed at you. I’m very fortunate and very blessed to be where I am today.”

While Watkins was laughing at you, we were laughing at Andy Reid. Good times, those days.


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  1. It’s amazing that a team was dumb enough to give Watkins a flyer after shitting the bed here. Maybe he’ll spend his spare time chasing fire trucks around South Beach.

  2. “Even Danny Watkins Finds it Hilarious That He’s in the NFL”

    He didn’t say that at all. He was just saying how everything happened and changed for him so fast. Slow Tuesday I see if this is blog-worthy. Step it up Kyle

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