Get the New Chipadelphia T-Shirt from Philly Phaithful

ChipThey’ve been waiting, lurking in the dark for the perfect moment to strike with a t-shirt for something finally worth celebrating: Chip Kelly. Presenting Chip, Chip Chipadelphia, the latest jammy jam from Philly Phaithful.

Get it.

Hollis Web Slide

They’ve also partnered with Hollis Thomas. Grab his Dude I Just Work Here shirt for a chance to win a private party for 10 watching Monday Night Football with Hollis at Philly Phaithful’s showroom in Northern Liberties. Free beer, too.


5 Responses

  1. How much do people get paid to wear those shirts? That would be the only justification for wearing one.

  2. He has ONE win people – get a grip. If the Birds end up 4-12 again those shirts will be selling for 50 cents apiece. Hollis Thomas by the way, is a fat pig. What women is he supposed to be getting? It’s not like he was that famous or anything. A definite 3 bagger!

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