Morning Wood: But He’s Different

We like to have fun here
We like to have fun here

Let’s take a journey back to the land of mythical men and mice, where ponies run freely upon a field of Riviera Bermuda Grass and, at least one particular steed’s preferred pasture of grazing, dirt. Because it was on this night, last night, that our favorite gallant warrior, with whom we’ve checked up on very little this calendar year, pissed a frothy mass of excellence so epic that, if for just a moment, we forgot that his chosen pack, comprised of dilapidated misfits and aging wonders, is 70-80 and so far from playoff contention that the cool, crisp air of approaching autumn has long lost its ability to cradle excitement.

Yes, folks, Cliff Lee was excellent last night, and I haven’t written a silly lede like that in what feels like forever.

If you missed the game – which, let’s be honest, you probably did – you’ll be thrilled to learn that the best pitcher in the National League was TOTALLY OUF OF HIS MIND. Here, I’ve separated pitching and batting because, really, I can’t tell which is a better line:


3-4 with two singles, a triple, four RBIs and a run scored


8 IP, 8 H, 2 ER, 14 K, 0 BB

That’s all swell and good, but the real important bit of tid from last night is this, courtesy of Todd Zolecki:

It looked like his day even hours before the game. Nearly every teammate walked around the clubhouse beforehand with T-shirts that had a picture of Lee’s face and the phrase “… but I’m different,” written underneath it.

“I think that’s just a joke and they’re messing with me,” Lee said. “Whatever.”

Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz, one of the most popular and respected players in the clubhouse, came up with the T-shirts.

“Cliff is that guy, he’s cool, you know?” Ruiz said. “It’s something we try to do in the clubhouse to have fun.”


Carlos Ruiz made Cliff Lee an ironic t-shirt to which Lee responded with his trademarked whateverIF THE PHILLIES ARE STILL FUN AND NO ONE IS THERE TO SEE IT, ARE THEY STILL FUN?

Last night they were. Last night they were fun.

Full video highlights of Lee drowning the fish in a golden stream of his difference… after the jump.

If the video doesn’t play– here.


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  1. Okay, I’ll be honest, I missed the game, never saw so much as an inning. Benedict Cumberbatch was pissing far more excellence as Sherlock Holmes than Cliff Lee against the long dead and stinking to high heaven Marlins.

  2. I missed a chunk of the game until my ESPN (TM) text alerts told me it was 7-0 good guys. While it was good to see a win, it also made me sad. I long for the days when this was the norm… okay, maybe not 12 runs but at least competence both on the mound and at the plate. I yearn for the days of my early-to-mid-20s when /only/ 88 wins seemed far-fetched. I miss the days when we could end a recap like you wrote with an excitement-inducing “AND we have Roy Halladay going tomorrow (tonight)” rather than the excitement-tempering “BUT we have Roy Halladay going tomorrow (tonight).”

    “We believed in those Phillies. The orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us. It has eluded us the past few seasons, but that’s no matter. Next year they will run faster, stretch out their arms farther… and one fine October…

    So they beat on, bats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past…”

    Ah, nostalgia.

    (If anyone can tell me from where I adapted that quote, you’ll win absolutely nothing other than my admiration. Here’s a hint: it’s from the last line of a book.)

      1. You sound like someone who hasn’t gotten laid in a while. Read a book once in a while (and no, I don’t mean the National Enquirer… I know, the latest stories about Batboy and Elvis being alive look enthralling, but trust me–they’re fakes), and maybe you’ll be able to attract a woman who’s not turning $5 tricks in some back alley of Reading.

        1. Yeah, you’re not the only person who has read The Great Gatsby. Just the only one here obnoxious enough to quote it on a Philly sports blog. Congrats on marrying whatever fat pig you imported from Chernobyl, though. Glad those Bitcoins came in handy for you bro.

          1. Chill, man. How was using an innocuous quote being obnoxious? How raw is your pussy from being pounded by 300 lb queers that you’re so sensitive?

    1. In retrospect, maybe I should’ve watched Cliff work last night and saved the first season of Sherlock for tonight as Roy Halladay is no longer “must see”, unless you get off on wiewing a once godlike pitcher deteriorate and turn to shit before your very eyes.

    2. The problem with The Great Gatsby is that you’re made to read it in high school, but it’s not until you’re older and you have some life experience that you understand what the last line means!

  3. I don’t get that joke ‘he’s different’. I am getting too old I guess. One thing I know is, Cliff is great but he has zero sense of humor.

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