Peyton Manning Working on His Excuse Already

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 11.26.11 AMThe Broncos, who have scored 406 points this season, will face the Eagles on Sunday just six days after beating the Raiders on Monday Night Football last night.

Peyton Manning isn’t too thrilled with the shhheduel makers and is already preparing his excuse [as tweeted by Reuben Frank]:

“We’re coming off a short week. It was nice of the NFL to give Philly 12 days and give us six.”

Poor guy. Of course, his team doesn’t have to deal with the unenviable task of trying to rid itself of the stank left behind by 14 years of Andy Reid by way of players like Nate Allen. So… just consider the uneven schedule an equalizer.

I actually think the Eagles are going to win, and I think they’re going to hold the Broncos to under 30 points. 42-28, Birds.

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31 Responses

  1. Yo, Kyle! You actually have the Eagles winning on Sunday? And handily to boot? Whoa! What narcotics are you on, bro? Peyton Manning could put up 28 points on that Swiss cheese secondary in the FIRST QUARTER. Nate Allen will be so badly abused, he might well retire right on the field after the game, never mind what bad things figure to happen to Patrick Chung, the Sconce Man and the rest of those no account slugs. This game is going to be ugly early, ugly late and ugly inbetween as the Birds drop to 1-3.

    1. love the optimism kyle, but flash is correct……….YOU ARE FUCKING HIGH! that game is going to be an absolute blood bath! i have so little confidence in the eagles defense that i am starting all 3 broncos receivers on my fantasy teams because this secondary could not even hang with st. joe’s prep offense! in the last 2 weeks they have made phillip rivers and alex smith, who are always good for a late game “WTF were they thinking” interception. instead look like joe montana and tom brady with game winning and time killing drives! i truly believe manning is going to throw 8 touchdowns.

  2. The eags let the 27th ranked passing team throw for 273 yards and created zero turnovers….i wonder how the number 1 passing team is going to do against that sewer drain defense

  3. Eagles on top 42-28? Are you kidding me dude? Stick to posting irrevalant stories. Leave the game predictions to seasoned professionals like Mikey Mush. #whatajoke

  4. Tough titties, Manning. Last year we had to face a bunch of teams coming off their bye weeks. You should be greatful that in a short week your next game is at home against a team with a terrible defense.

  5. BAHAHAHAHA!!! Funniest thing ive ever read. Kyle, you deserve to be fired, and should not be able to work in sports again. Broncos win by 23+ and you will run and hide. After the Broncos win in a blow out, I want a full apology.

    1. You want Kyle fired from his own blog? He won’t run and hide either, he never does.

      For the record I think Kyle is a doosh and think he is totally OUT TO LUNCH on his pick.

  6. I see what you did here Kyle, you posted that score so everybody would freak out and write comments. You’re smarter than you look.

    Peyton throws for 574 yards and 6 touchdowns.
    Mike Vick gets injured 2nd quarter.

    Broncos take it 69-14

    go birds!

  7. Im curious to see how Chip calls plays this game. This is the type of game that you want to control the ball as long as possible, and keep Peyton off the field (along with our shiiting D). If Chip wants to run his high paced offense, I see this game playing out back and forth for the first half, but Denver pulling away in the second half.

    Final: Denver 42 – Birds 27

  8. How nice of Peyton to recognize that. Did he also recognize the Eagles just played 3 games in 11 days?

    Fucking HOMO

  9. Kyle is an idiot. 14 years of stank under Andy Reid? Those were highly succesful 14 years actually.

    He wrote how he loves Chip Kelly. Why? What has Chip Kelly done so far?

    He says Peyton Manning needs an excuse? Okay, we’ll see.

    Then he picks the Eagles to win big. Unreal.

    He picked them to win easily versus the Chiefs too. How’d that work out?

    1. Weirdly enough, Peyton has struggled against the Eagles in the past but I just don’t see them winning this game. Maybe if it was in Philly, I’d give them an outside shot…but on the road? No chance.

      1. Last time I checked, the eagles have no home field advantage whatsoever. I like their chances on the road than at the Linc.

  10. I admire your spirit Kyle.

    That said, nothing will stop the Manning from shredding this secondary. They can’t cover slot WR’s. Donnie Avery and Eddie Royal looked like Jerry fucking Rice the past two weeks against them. This just in: Wes Welker is one fuckgillion times better then them.

    I expect the Eagles to keep pace for a little while, but ultimately Peyton puts it in them.

    45-24 Broncos


  11. I will be in attendance to watch this fiasco. If we can take our final game point total vs. the broncos 1st quarter point total, I say we take this game with ease, 24-14. If the NFL forces the final outcome to be based on each team’s final score, I gotta go with 84-24, not the Birds

  12. I was laughing at Peyton saying they had a “tough” game coming up with Philly. It sounded more to me like he was trying to make the Eagles sound better than they are. Manning could have his leg in a cast and still score 30 plus points. If by some miracle the Eagles do win, no way will it be by the ridiculous score you are picking – more like by a field goal or one touchdown. But since Peyton’s stem cell transplant he is like Iron Man.

  13. Screw that asshole. They had that much time off because they were the first NFL team to ever play three games in 11 days to start off the season. Man the fuck up, Peyton. Such a goddamn diva.

  14. Stop trying to be like Mikey Miss and say the Eagles are going to win. I get you’re trying to create shock value for page views, but c’mon man, this team will in no way be able to stop Peyton Manning and his beastly receiving corp. In fact, it’s almost a damn near certainty that he is going to take a fat shit on this defense. As someone already pointed out, Wes Welker is a million times better than Eddie Royal and Donnie Avery, who both had monster games against us. And he isn’t even their best receiver. Put down the bong dude. Broncos 41 Eagles 27

  15. Peyton Manning is already coughing up his excuse why he lost to the Colts. Says he was exhausted and tired before the game and if he weren’t things would have been different. In this league there are no excuses Mr. Peyton Manning. You go and you do what you get paid to do, your job son. Unfortunately for Peyton Manning, excuses just don’t carry any credibility when your named “Best Player In The League”. There is no room for excuses. He lost to the Colts fair and square. I’m sure Andrew Luck would defend his win and say….”Yeah I was tired a bit myself”…..Does anyone see the picture here?

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