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Miley coming dangerously close to loving her vagina more than Rihanna

Just because I was looking for an excuse to post Miley Cyrus’ newest music video appearance (this one, in a violated Michael Jordan jersey(s) that may have actually had sex with Miley), here’s a snippet from her feature in Rolling Stone this month.

She basically became wacked because she spent last summer in Philly:

But it was last summer, in Philadelphia, where she really found her new style. She was living there with Hemsworth, who was filming a movie with Harrison Ford. “Best summer ever,” Miley says. “Have you ever been to South Street in Philly? That’s where I got my first chain. Sixteen bucks – not real,” she says, laughing. “I was away from people for a minute, and I just started feeling my own vibe. I bought a pair of Doc Martens. I shaved my head. Driving a f***ing Ford Explorer around. Just blending in.”

Way to go, Philadelphia.

That said, and as pointed out by Mike Bertha, Miley is smarter (or at least more compelling) than she looks, and it comes across in the interview.

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The new video is after the jump, because I love your page views.