Redskins Fans Troll Eagles Fans on Same Day That Redskins Fans Bring Live Pig to Tailgate

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pic via (@MeganMcGrath4)

Popped on over to DC Sports Bog today, as is usually the case when one of our Philly teams takes on a representative club from the city of transient sycophants who portend to like sports. Saw two dichotomous stories.

First up, a couple of dudes from a comedy troupe who found their way to South Philly to pick on some Eagles fans and portray Philly folks as a pile of trash:

Funny. Insulting, too. But funny.

But the irony with this one is strong. You know, because Redskins fans are currently tailgating with a live pig outside FedEXField:

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 3.07.47 PMpic via (@skinsprez)

That’s Grandma Hog, a pig purchased by Floyd Rich, a Redskins fan. He explained his decision to buy the pig and then subsequently bring it to a tailgate thusly to Dan Steinberg:

Floyd Rich of Landover had thought about getting a rabbit as a pet for his nieces and nephews. Instead, he got a pig.

“We wanted to do something different,” Rich told me by phone Monday morning. “It was something different and unique, and we wanted to promote it as a Redskins mascot, for the Hogs.”

Yeah, yeah, we get it, Floyd.

Kickoff can’t come soon enough.


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  1. When I read the headline I thought the implication was that they were going to butcher the pig (and then BBQ and eat it) in the parking lot too.

  2. the only funny thing about that video is a balding guy wearing a v-neck gold’s gym shirt and a guy wearing a hummus shirt

  3. That may be the worst fan trolling video I’ve ever seen. There was nothing funny or insulting about that.

  4. That troll video was dumb. Went to college with the douche in the Sabra shirt, he is still as funny as ever

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