Rich Dubee Has Been Fired

Not unexpected, but certainly not his fault. He oversaw some of the best pitching the Phillies have ever had (including career years for already established guys like Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, and unexpected seasons from the likes of Brad Lidge on down to Jamie Moyer).

But when your GM assembles a team of misfits, the manager and coaches are the first to go:

“Rich was a big part of a wonderful era here and in his nine years he served our organization very well,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said in a statement. “We believe it is time for change as we move forward. We thank Rich for his professionalism and contribution to the Phillies.”

Thanks for that, Rube.

Some have pointed out that his “contract has not been renewed.” But in a situation like this, where pay isn’t an issue and the guy would like to remain in the game, he’s, for all intents and purposes, fired. In my eyes at least.


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  1. It’s time to hire Jamie Moyer. (If Jamie is willing) He was Sandberg’s teammate and was already a mentor to the majority of the current staff. I contend he aided Hamels in becoming an elite pitcher and I believe that he would really help the team. Plus, he is just a really good dude, an old school baseball mind, and a representation of the 2008 team in a capacity that isn’t line-up destroying or spirit crushing.

  2. Agreed, it really wasn’t Dubee’s fault, although he is an insufferable douchebag.
    Look at the middle relief they had to run out there every night. None of those guys really stepped up and showed they belonged in the bigs.
    I really don’t see how this team will improve next year. The vets are one year older and what young position player (other than Dom Brown) impressed anyone?
    The Phillies’ management is giddy about Cody Asche, but what did he really do other than bring a hot girlfriend to the park? He fielded well, but he only hit .230 with 5 homers in nearly 200 at bats. We could be in for a long one next year.

  3. Leo Mazzone couldn’t have turned the chicken shit masquerading as big league pitchers into chicken salad, so Rich Dubee had no chance. However, lambs had to be sacrificed by Ruben. I hope hitting coaches Wally Joyner and Steve Henderson have updated their resumes, they might be next out the door.

  4. The phillies have young guys with upper 90’s heat and good breaking pitches (diekman, defratus, aumont) who have not improved one bit in 2 years. Dubee didn’t need to help cole, lee, or doc. He absolutely should be fired. You don’t know shit Kyle.

  5. Rich Dubee did absolutely fucking nothing for this team. Don’t mention pitchers who never need coaching like Lee or Roy, how about Tyler Cloyd and their bullpen of thumbsucking kids with plus arms who learned zilch from this stiff.

    1. Finally a comment I can agree with. Dubee was terrible. He never made any pitcher better.

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