Road Trip to Nasvhille to See the Flyers Play Over Thanksgiving Weekend

I can’t say enough about our friends over at Phans of Philly. They organized our D.C. #Takeover last year and our tailgate this summer– both went off without a hitch unless you include Jayson Werth breaking his wrist and everybody blaming our group for cheering a hitch, which I don’t.

Anyway, Joe and Kyle over there do a great job and they’re running a Flyers road trip to NASHVILLE over Thanksgiving weekend. Here are the details:

We will be flying out on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. We have secured great airfare and times for it being a big holiday travel weekend. There is a flight that we have reserved for our group leaving Friday Morning and returning on Monday afternoon. These are US Airway flights, and they will be a sea of orange flying to Nashville! We feel bad for the very few passengers on these flights that aren’t with Phans of Philly.

When we arrive in Nashville we will be staying at the four star Sheraton Hotel Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights which is in the heart of downtown Nashville. It is a 5 minute walk to the Predators Arena and Broadway Street. If you don’t know much about Nashville…Broadway Street is all you have to know! The whole street is a strip of bars with some of the best nightlife around! After a day of exploring and partying all night Friday we will gear up for the Flyers game Saturday night. Our pre-game party couldn’t be at a better location! We will have a 3 hour open bar with a taste of southern style BBQ food at a bar right on the strip minutes from the arena. We will turn this location into Phans of Philly Central all day Saturday! After our party we have secured a large block of seats in the upper level of the Predators Arena on the side the Flyers shoot twice at. A bunch of cheering Flyer fans in an arena 800 miles south of Philly should be an awesome sight. The game is at 7, so after we watch the Flyers kick the Predators asses we still have the whole night to enjoy downtown Nashville!

I am sure we will all be hurting on Sunday, but we are not stopping there. Being that it will be football season we will have an Eagles watch party with great drink and food specials as they take on the Arizona Cardinals at 1PM. The bar’s manager that we will be watching the game at is originally from Philly, and he is excited to have us and offering awesome specials for our group! After a full day of relaxation and football on Sunday we will depart Nashville on Monday. This is sure to be one hell of a trip that you do not want to miss. There is going to be a limited amount of people we can accommodate with the great airfare rates we have locked in. After that the rates of airfare will go up. To guarantee your spot and the best price on this trip please place a $100 deposits ASAP! Below is the list of full package details and prices!

-Round Trip Airfare departing from Philadelphia Friday November 29th and returning Monday December 2nd. Email us for exact flight options!

-3 Night stay at the Sheraton in Downtown Nashville
-Upper Level Flyers Ticket for Saturday night’s game seated as a group-3 hour pre-game open bar/food layout
-Eagles watch party on Sunday with drink and food specials
-Bar specials for our group throughout at participating downtown bars

Quad Occupancy- $659 per person
Triple Occupancy- $699 per person
Double Occupancy- $789 per person

That pretty much sums it up. Under $700 for airfare, hotel, Flyers ticket and open bar. Not bad.

Flying trips can be a risky thing, but you’ll be in good hands with Phans of Philly. They are the most organized people you will find and they’ll take care of you everrrrrrry step of the way. Best part is that everyone over there are huge Philly sports fans and they do this as both a business and a passion.

Place your deposit and get more info here.


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  1. So it’s more expensive by a couple hundred dollars per person than buying Predators tickets directly and then booking the same flights + hotel through Expedia myself, plus I would get to attempt to travel on Black Friday? Awesome all around.

    1. No prob, my brother. I have no intention whatsoever of going Redneckinbredhickville. Thanks for the warning.

    2. Racist hockey fans won’t deter 97.5’s Phil from mt airy,that negro loves himself some Flyers hockey.

      1. See. This is typical. “That negro”. I have no idea who you are talking about, but it sounds like a black man that calls into 97.5 and likes hockey and this dipshit “AJ” refers to him as “that negro.” Do you realize how stupid you sound? Let me guess – you laughed and/or cheered when those mongoloids in Canada threw a banana at Wayne Simmonds, right?

        This is why we need universal healthcare. You teabaggers try to say “but…but…the government is out of control and doesn’t trust people to make their own decisions.” Riiiiiiight!!!!!! Let’s face it – you knuckle draggers don’t like people of color having a voice, or a right to anything. Just like your fake 2nd amendment rights. You think that having an outdated voice is more like having a colonial man rule over a constitutional right (albeit, a close to 250 year old one) that perpetuates a hegemonic prism of neglect.

        Don’t thank me. It was my pleasure.

        1. Try organizing your thoughts. Big words and plagiarized phrases alone don’t make you sound smart.

  2. Stupid flyers handing out stupid old tshirts, what idiots. (5min later) FLYERS!!! WOOO SPEND $700 TO SEE A GAME IN TN!!! FLYERS RULE!

  3. I’ll be at the game, going to visit my family that moved to TN. Should be fun, looking forward to seeing other Flyers fans at the game, Philly is gonna crush.

  4. Three nights in Nashville is 1.5 nights too many. Doesn’t take long to hit every bar & ‘saloon’ on the main drag. Unless night 3 is for hookers, then okay.

    1. So accurate, I went for the Eagles game a few years back and was so tired of smokey BBQ and country music by mid afternoon Saturday that I was ready to leave… Eagles second half collapse didn’t help matters either. Also, the lone strip club near the main drag was like Nazi Germany, they were “over occupied” unless you bribed the doorman…I opted for hookers

  5. NO WAY. I can fly my mooney there,stay 3 days and get lower level seats, eat good food and drink good beer for under $700. if I don’t take the wife I could get a redneck hooker too.

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