Roy Halladay Complained About the Media Last Night, and That Should Make You Very Sad

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 10.14.46 AMThe Phillies are still playing baseball. Not gonna lie– I haven’t watched one second of a game in two weeks. Don’t think I’ve missed much, though. And I’m glad that I’ve averted my eyes, because the career arc of Roy Halladay is rapidly heading for a splash into a pool of tears and misunfortunality (not a word, I know). It’s sad. Bo Jackson sad.

In his four starts since returning from shoulder surgery, Halladay has thrown 371 pitches, only 217 of which were strikes (58%):

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 10.16.41 AM

That’s not good, for any pitcher, let alone Doc. The MLB average is around 62%, according to In a random sampling of a month in 2011 (July), Halladay thew 68% of his 507 pitches for strikes. That’s around where he usually hovers when he’s himself, which he’s not, and may never be again.

It’s all sad to watch, and it’s compounded by the fact that Halladay, for about the last two years, always seems to be on the verge of losing it on the mound. He turns purple, sweats profusely, and looks like he’s about to kill someone. What was once an intense, intimidating presence is now a beaten man always on the brink of coming unglued.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 10.13.07 AM

And now, the once-warrior says things like this:

“It’s important for me to work on the things I need to work on, but also focus on the things that are good,” Halladay said following a 10-5 victory over the Padres. “Philly isn’t an easy place to do that. You guys are pretty tough. You have to be pretty mentally strong and block that out and go out there with confidence and trust.”

“It’s tough and obviously you’re under the microscope right now and no matter what you do the negatives are going to be brought to the forefront,” Halladay said. “Me personally, I’m trying to focus on the positives and let you guys worry about the negatives.”

That’s Roy Halladay, oh he shun un beth beloved in the land of it always being sunny, complaining about the media.

The guy who threw two no-hitters in one season, who pitched Game 5 of the NLCS with a pulled groin, who grinded out eight innings in a 1-0 loss to the Cardinals in Game 5 the 2011 NLDS that should forever mark the end of the greatest era of Phillies baseball oh God please don’t mention that game again make me a bird so I can fly far far far away from here but not a cardinal because oh no bad memories make it stop… has resigned himself to moral victory-isms like this:

“In all honesty, I’m proud of the fact that I’ve made it back. A lot of guys my age could be at home, not pitching, could never pitch again. I feel like I beat some of those odds and that’s what I’m looking at and am trying to take the positives. I woke up this morning and it was like Christmas morning, getting a chance to pitch again. After sitting out and watching the team and not being a part of it, it’s a completely different thrill to be able to go out there and pitch now. I want to do a better job for us.”

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 10.44.38 AM

I don’t watch… because I can’t watch.

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22 Responses

    1. And it looks like we’re seeing it happen again with Halladay who, just like Lefty, refuses to read the writing on the wall which says he’s cooked. If Doc wants to “work on the things he needs to work on”, let him do that someplace else, bringing him back for even the league minimum would be a huge mistake because he’s no longer an effective starter. Let Doc go so he can struggle on another team foolish enough to take a chance on him and I don’t have to watch that slow motion train wreck. That would be too painful.

      1. flash, i remember exchanging responses with you way back in april in how be both felt that halladay was overworked in the previous seasons and that is tank was soon to run out fuel. a month later, he was placed on the 60-day DL. its disheartening and painful to have to witness his slow demise, especially being how appreciative we are of the efforts he gave is us in 2010, 2011, and 2012. its even more a shame that he didnt get a ring in those seasons. i dont believe there one player more deserving of a ring on those rosters than he was. unfortunately, he joined this team when i believe most of the core players lost their hunger to win more championships. they all got their rings and payday and lost the drive. doc deserved a ring and will now go down as one the finest to never win a championship. sad.

        1. Informed: Perhaps I’m naive, but I could never understand how a player can lose his drive to win championships. If I were a player and I just won a ring, then, by God, I’d want two, if I had two, I’d want three, and if I had three, I’d want four, and so on. It’s all about greed, the more you have, the more you want, and if this bunch who won it all back in 2008 lost their drive, decided that one was enough, then they’ve got bad wiring upstairs. Sadly, it’s all irrelevant now as our core is just plain rotten: Jimmy’s being selfish and is in it simply to pad his stats; Ryan’s a liability on the field and in the accounting department; and Chase’s career is on borrowed time with those degenerating knees. Yeah, Doc deserves better than this kennel, but staying here would serve no purpose, not for him, and not for the Phils.

  1. Kyle, I’m not hear to bash you for the sake of bashing you, but I can’t say it sits well with me to hear you haven’t watched a “second of Phillies baseball in 2 weeks.” Your job is to watch Philly sports and discuss Philly sports, yet you stop watching the team because they’re not good and don’t have playoff hopes? That’s really weak and I gotta say, pretty much the definition of a front running fan. While I’ll admit that I don’t watch every pitch, (like I basically have for the past 5-8 years) I still tune in and generally watch the majority of the games. And you know, my job isn’t to run a Philly sports blog. You do great work here, I’m a loyal reader, but my 2 cents is, either quit being a front runner or at minimum, don’t admit it on your site.

    1. I’m glad someone else said it ..I really have grown to like this site for a couple years but lately when things aren’t goin as well on the Philly sports scene, Kyle jumps ship. You could write about some of the young players doing good things or the Flyers starting camp or how Doc could winding down his career …or even soccer, whatever ..just don’t admit you don’t watch the games because then we all know you are a fraud when you talk about things you didn’t even see. Like for instance, Doc did struggle and has been struggling but his change up looked really good last night and with an off season of building up strength and getting his location back a bit, he could become a viable top 3 starter again. This wahhh, woh is us cr*p gets old when I hear it from my friends, now the blogs and media have to jump on board …

  2. Adam… I believe that by saying ha has not watched Phils in 2 weeks…. He IS doing his job and commenting on the team.

    1. wrong. in order to comment on something, you should be informed and knowledgeable of the subject because doing such gives your perspective validation. adam is right in saying what he said. yes, the last few months of phillies baseball have been disappointing but if you shouldnt complain if youre not fully knowledgeable of what youre complaining about.

    2. Huh? How can one comment on, or give legit analysis on a team, w/o watching it? How can anyone take him seriously as a credible source this offseason, or next spring, when he gives his expectations for players like Hernandez & Asche, or all the young arms in the bullpen that have been performing well recently (Rosenberg, Diekman, etc)?

      1. For all of the crap that the Phils have taken in recent years about their farm system, we seem to have a lot of good young players who are contributing. I think the future looks pretty bright.

        And I think we are going to see a blockbuster trade this offseason – Franco (as the main trade chip in a multi-player package) for Stanton.

        1. I don’t think the Phils have near enough top prospects to land Giancarlo Stanton in a trade. The dude is a beast, and considering he’s had the likes of Greg Dobbs and Placido Polanco hitting behind him, I’m surprised he ever sees a strike. He’s certainly on every teams wish list, and other teams have the blue chip prospects that the Phils lack.

          1. Seems to me we have plenty to offer right about now. Ruf, Franco, one of the young starters, Hernandez, etc.

            The Marlins are going to trade him before they have to pay him. It’s just what they do. And there’s no way he wants to be stuck with that awful team.

            Amaro didn’t tell the entire planet for no reason that he has been actively trying to work out a deal for Stanton. He probably envisions Dom Brown & Stanton as the lefty-righty 1-2 punch in the middle of the Phils’ lineup for the next decade.

  3. Sucks for you that you havent watched. Your missing young guys raking (asche and ruff) and old guys hustling again (jimmy). Youve also missed some exciting series, such as a baves sweep. so in conclusion, its still summer time, and its baseball. Are you American or some slack jawed french faggot? Change your tampon and turn on comcast each night at 7.

  4. You don’t watch because you’re a fucking gay fraud bro. Don’t worry you’ll always have that shiny ’08 bumpersticker on your Jetta.

  5. My favorite line:

    … oh God please don’t mention that game again make me a bird so I can fly far far far away from here but not a cardinal because oh no bad memories make it stop…

    … because I feel exactly the same way … I still haven’t fully recovered.

  6. Roy says he’s “under the microscope” right now. He is incorrect. He will be “under the microscope” next season when they are actually playing for something besides pride.

  7. i could only watch the game on, and from what i could see he was getting squeezed on a lot of his curveballs. on any other day, he might have gotten a lot more k’s. really a shame

  8. Let’s step back from the ledge for a moment.

    Doc rushed back from shoulder surgery basically for one reason: He is not under contract next season & hopes to show that he still has something in the tank. This is an ill-advised & well-intentioned contract audition.

    If he were already under contract for next season with the Phils, does anyone actually think he’d be pitching right now? Of course not. He has not yet fully recovered from his injury & the subsequent surgery. He needs time off to heal & build the strength back up in his arm.

    I don’t think his career is over at all, but having him start in these meaningless games is not helping anything. Doesn’t the team have a 1-year option left on this current deal? I say cut the guy some slack, pick up the option year, and shut him down.

    Pretty sure it’s a $20 million 1-year team option. That may seem like a lot of money, but if anyone has earned that chance, it’s Doc. (Think about how much has been spent on Ryan Howard the past two seasons with just about nothing to show for it.)

    Doc ain’t done. Let’s go all in for another WS run in 2014. (Fix the bench, the bullpen, and go get Giancarlo Stanton.)

  9. the begging-for-hyphens writing style has really been hurting my brain lately. reel it in….reel it in…

  10. All this does is prove that Roy Halladay was on steroids throughout his entire career. Great player with great stats and then a sudden dropoff? Case closed.

    Oh yeah, also I’m totally not just saying this because he’s white…

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