So We Can Probably Get Michelle Beadle to Enter 97.5’s Celebrity Caller Contest, Right?

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 10.33.07 PM Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 10.33.21 PMWow.

Sure, maybe Michelle put on a few lbs since her Cathedrals of the Game days (yeah, that’s a HD Net reference and you’re welcome), but her hot-cool Q rating is still through the roof, partly because of things like taking the time to check Missanelli’s Twitter bio for the “Google me” reference comeback. That’s dedication, and wit. And we respect that.

Still, this is an amusing dustup, and I would love for it to continue tomorrow. FOX Good Day producer Tom Louden has the right idea:

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 10.32.59 PM

I second that.

UPDATE: She called last year!


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  1. How can anyone listen to that miserable SOB Mikey Miss is beyond me.

    The only one tolerable from 97.5 is Nick Cale.

    1. While you’re fingering your asshole listening to WIP, make sure you get the spelling correct for the hosts on the better station. Cale? Really? C’mon bro: do work before you pump your man-titted chest forward. Laughable loser you are.

  2. Oh man I fucking love this. Mike wants to apologize and keeps telling everyone to relax and move on. Here’s his final tweet of the night:

    “Ok, i apologized to michelle beadle. Everybody can rest easy. Goodnite.”

    When it’s Cary Williams with the missed OTAs or Riley cooper he beats it to death but since it’s him he wants to move on. If any athlete tweeted this he would turn it into a week long show about sexism and
    misogyny in pro spots. Mike Miss is the biggest fuckin hypocrite out there. His holier than thou act is unreal. And he has his head so far up his ass, he can’t even see it. And his fucking producer is just a god damn puppet who has his mouth all over Mike’s balls the entire segment. God forbid he ever disagrees with anything Jesus Missanelli says.

    1. I dont find him to be a hypocrite, but maybe he shouldnt use social media for all of his thoughts. Like all men say things about women. I find Beadle incredibly attractive, but every now and then I may say something about her that may come off as sexist. The issue really is that he did it publicly.

      I guess I dont find things like that to be a huge deal. Im surprised she even cares to tell the truth.

      1. You’re surprised a woman is pissed that someone called her fat to the entire world? Someone with thousands of Twitter followers?

        What world do you live in?

      2. For the record, I’m not just calling him a hypocrite because of just these comments. His whole MO is all about preaching morals that he doesn’t even follow himself half the time. Like for example, he reeemed into David Ortiz for a week straight for saying fuck at a stadium because there is a “mixed audience” and kids there. Meanwhile he can go drop the word douche on public forums with huge audiences like his radio show and twitter. Obviously it’s not as bad as saying fuck, but do you want your kids hearing a reference to a thing used to clean a dirty vagina… Plus there was that whole thing where he wouldn’t let go of the fact that Brace or Marks (I forget which one, but they’re pretty much the same person) was missing his stupid Philly feud show for a softball game. Nothing like lectures on proper workplace behavior and etiquette from a guy who once assaulted his co-worker.

        1. He’s just busting balls when he says things like that(the softball game). But you’re right he goes on too long with it and you almost get the feeling he isn’t joking.

  3. Haven’t been able to stomach mike miss’s voice/show since his holier than though 2 weeks of riley cooper shows. Someone would say move on & he would go on you’re a racist rant. Fuck him



  6. The only problem I have here with Mikey Miss is that when there seems to be a racial issue or moral issue he’ll hop up onto his high horse and call everyone a “bigot” who disagrees with him. Though I’ve learned to tune this side of him out and/or eventually understand his point, it makes it hard for me to continue my support for his show and ideas when he turns around and makes (1) weight joke & (2) sexist remark all in the same tweet. All his previous moral rhetoric becomes hypocritical and quite honestly annoying at this point. I’ll continue to listen to the show because I do enjoy it but it’s becoming clear that less and less people are onboard with him.

    Also, Beadle isn’t exactly a ray of sunshine here. After her ESPN days the only time I think the woman smiles in when the cameras are on and she’s paid to. If you follow her twitter account she often comes off as snarky, bothered, whiney and bitchy in her tweets.Her big NBCSN career hasnt exactly been successful and I’m sure getting bounced around from her unwatchable show “The Crossover” and Entertainment Tonight or whatever celeb gossip show shes on and also the numerous other useless shows/segments they have her do just to maximize their investment makes her feel the pressure of not exactly delivering ratings. Michelle Beadle seems like a depressed, anxious, single woman who’ll eventually not be able to land a gig on cable tv and collect a house full of cats to keep her lonely self company. But hey, why keep piling on her? I think enough has been said tonight.

    1. I was done with MM when he blocked me on twitter for saying, ‘It was disgusting what Cooper said but I think the majority of people want to move on & talk sports’. He replied back that I needed to look within myself or some shit.
      Heard majority of hosts on 97.5 block you on social media & hangup if you disagree with them. Fuck that station

  7. Mike Miss hates the white man more than Marcus Hayes.
    Man I’m fixing on a 2 for $3 wayward breakfast sizzlies.
    Maybe 1 ham & the other bacon.
    Side of French onion soup

  8. It’s going to be pretty hard to beat Jack Nickolas, I am trying to get Al Assad and Kim Jong Un, but they haven’t returned my tweets or calls yet. So rude of them.

    1. He was boring as shit, I had to go down the aisle to the cuz when he was blabbering. Old fucking fart

  9. Michelle Beadle is beat. Weird nose and crazy eyes. I wouldn’t bang her with my dead brothers D. Also, this is nothing that we don’t do every day. Mike wasn’t out of line, it was funny.

  10. I actually gave this some thought, and while i think the tweet was a little sexist, i think guys get razzed about their weight as well. think of chris berman, maybe. i’m sure someone’s made a fat joke about him, and even if it a woman did it, it wouldn’t be sexist. i think it ultimately depends on how you view beadle. if you view her as a journalist, the comment is worse than if you view her as a tv personality who was hired because of, and therefore can be judged on her looks.

  11. Espn college gameday needs to upgrade from Christian “I used to finger Kacie McDonnel’s Asshole” Ponder’s wife

    1. Mike was a little Catholic BITCH in Bristol and is a BIGGER BITCH Now. Luvs us bruthas n scared to death of us. Goes out of the way to put the ” white boy” down but never the ” Black MAN”. He has defended the PED STATE 4 against children and he came very close to being disbarred. EVER WONDER WHY A LAWYER DOES A RADIO SHOW FOR $60K A YEAR?

      1. Say what you want about Missanelli but I highly doubt the guy hosting the #1 rated drive-time radio show in town only makes $60k. That dope Angelo pulls in a couple million, if you can believe that.

  12. Violation to listen to MM. He needs to go back to NYC with Screaming A. Smith

  13. Used to like Mike, but he’s besome just as bad as Eskin. Opinionated and a know-it-all who can’t admit when he’s wrong. The rest of the 97.5 crew is still good though.

    1. Please tell me you’re not included Sean Brace in your “the rest are good” statement. He’s f’ing awful.

      1. I’m entertained with they’re show for the time being, granted he’s a doofus. I’m sure I’ll get tired of it eventually.

          1. I simply can’t understand why Bruno and Mayes don’t get the 12-2 slot when most 9-5 workers are on their lunch breaks and can tune in. Their show is the most entertaining on the station, but I can hardly ever tune in with their 10-12 time slot. I wish they’d go 10-2.

        1. Marks is fine but Brace’s phony south Philly accent is really irritating. If I wanted to hear that, I’d flip over to Da Cuz, Gargano.

    2. For a station with the power of Tony Bruno and Mike Missanelli to kill two hours of air time with Jon Marks and Sean Brace from 12 to 2 is beyond comprehension. Put Marks and Brace in the 10-2 shift if you have to, but they are atrocious.

  14. My fav show on 97.5 is Timmy mac & Shiel i don’t know how to spell his last name ah. Also like brace & marks on sat mornings

  15. Yo Kyle, you gotta put a screen shot of Jim Norton’s “apology” tweet to Beadle in this article.

    Also, no Marcus Hayes post after his ridiculous Philly Sports Talk appearance yesterday? He actually said Riley Copper “is no longer a football player. He’s a symbol of evil.”

  16. MM is always trying too hard. He was a third wheel on WIP behind Angelo and Eskin. He has a temper – hence getting fired for punching a WIP producer. He moves to WMMR to try to do a morning drive-rock/sports show …. and no one touched Stern in the mornings during his reign, so failed there. Basically gets a last chance in Philly with Fanatic. Everyone was ready to move on from Eskin in the afternoons, sort of like we were with Andy Reid…, so MM got good ratings and WIP bounced Eskin. Is MM beating Gargano and Macnow??? WIP is easily beating the Fanatic in the station vs. station ratings numbers. I don’t know the break down of show vs. show.
    Does everyone here realize how old MM is? He tries to act cool and young and hip, the dude is like 55? Maybe Kyle Scott// you can get the show vs. show radio ratings WIP vs. the Fanatic … I’d like to see. Thanks, Bud.

    1. Is WIP really beating them in the ratings? I could see it with Angelo cuz that is a local show against the national Mike & Mike, but as a whole WIP is really stale. Miserable Macnow and Da Cuz are brutal.

    2. That would actually be a really cool post if Kyle could do a ratings war breakdown. I think that’s something everyone would be interested in seeing

  17. I listen to 97.5 everyday for the past 3 years. Mikey Miss is a hypocrite with “selective morality”. He’s against the “Redskins” name/logo and acted God-like when it came to th Cooper situation yet he loves to impersonate a stereotypical spanish voice which he claims belongs to Gisele Bündchen? First of all, it’s really not funny… the only person he’s entertaining is himself plus it’s RACIST! There’s a reason he doesn’t do a black, asian, or homosexual voice but spanish is fair game? I’m not even spanish but I find it funny that all the “Mikey Miss Morals” get dropped when it comes to this.

    What he did last night made Philly look bad. Hate to beat a dead horse but everyone thinks about how the fans here are so rough (batteries, snowballs, boo’s) but now the apparent “voice of the people”, which should be Tony Bruno mind you, is acting like a complete creep? Mike’s always talking about how Philly is misrepresented but he goes and plays into the role last night to the national media. I’m still trying to understand his philosophy on how it’s not right to judge people by their skin/race/religion/etc but it’s okay to judge them by their weight? You can’t have it both ways Mike.

    It’s funny watching Mikey Miss when he’s on John Clark’s NBC show. He sits there with his “trying to be cool” glasses, all bug eyed, and basically looks like a little bitch. His opinions are softened now that people can see what a little dweeb he is, not the same voice that rips people on 975. It’s really hard to believe he ever played sports like he’s always touting he was a baseball player at PSU. Also anyone ever notice when the show’s coming back and they play current alternative music he tries to act cool and hip ie. “ohhhhh was that a little passion pit?” Seriously, we can see right through you.

    1. Spot on, dude. Love it. When I was listing examples of him being a hypocrite in my above post I totally forgot about that Latino voice thing he does. What a little cunt.

  18. Would you expect anything less from Mikey Miss? He’s a jackass…

    People actually follow him on Twitter? That’s sad…

  19. Loving the MM comments. Glad I’m not the only (former) listener who realized how far Mike’s head was up his own ass.

  20. Also it was a dick comment on Mike’s part, but Beadle is a clown on Twitter as well. She was crying like a little baby and insulting random people when the Heat won the title back in June. I don’t know why these high profile journalists/radio hosts/news correspondents engage with trolling fans.

  21. I haven’t been back to mm since he blocked me on twitter for disagreeing with him.
    Caters to the black community & hates whites & Asians

    1. You’re right Norman. Remember the “Chinks Steaks” issue? He like wouldn’t stop saying Chinks like he was taking joy at being able to use the word on-air.

      Also I remember Brian Baldinger saying one Halloween he dressed up as a “Chinaman”. Like really dude? It’s 2013 no one says “Chinaman”.

  22. Mikey Miss has now drummed up more national attention for harassing Erin Andrews and Michelle Beadle than for any original insight on Philly sports….that is what Googling him shows. If I had to guess I’d say 50+, divorced, with a convertible….

  23. According to Wikipedia, MM graduated PSU in 1977, if he was 22 at graduation, that makes him 57-58!!!! He is way too old to be making a lot of the comments that he does!

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