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We got a bag? I don’t think it’s a bag of tricks. It’s just football.” – Chip Kelly

Just football, that produced some wacky stats. From

After a hiccup on the opening drive led to a Redskins score, the Eagles’ turbo-speed offense caused the Redskins problem after problem in the game’s first 30 minutes.

The Eagles had 21 first downs at halftime, matching the number of plays run by the Redskins in the first two quarters.

The Eagles had 53 plays by halftime. The Elias Sports Bureau notes that is the most plays in a first half of an NFL game since the Vikings had 56 on December 13, 1998 against the Ravens.

The Eagles 26 first-half points matched their high for points in a game from 2012.

Much of that came in the first six minutes– when they gained 121 yards.

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8 Responses

  1. It was insane how fast they were. You almost didn’t want to blink for fear of missing a play. I haven’t see the Eagles put a team on the ropes like that in a long, long time.

    Now, if we can just duplicate that in the second half and not let the 2012 team take over like they did tonight, it’s going to be a fun season.

  2. I hope you post the cut of Chip Kelly belittling Les Bowen with the ‘Bag of Tricks’ answer during the post game press conference.

  3. Those first half numbers last night were ridiculous, Madden-like even. I have NEVER seen anything like that before. But I agree with Chickie that this team has to play hard for the whole sixty minutes and not let opponents back into the game as was the case with the Deadskins.

  4. Great to get a win in the opener.. and against a division team too… Awesome!

    But how many times we gonna see Andy let the team get soft after a big lead and almost give it away?

    Wha? Wha?

  5. Most of the offense was worn out by the second half and almost lost the game. I am not sure if that is the reason they almost lost or if this offense is easy to figure out and the Redskins did. Either way, I was not overly impressed after only one game. I will wait to see how we do against an actual really good team before crowing Chip Kelly Master of the Universe. If you want to hear something ridiculous, listen to Toucan Cataldi; he is orgasmic over his new love’s success last night. He even reprimanded Rhea Hughes for almost saying something not wonderful and she obediently shut up, since she knows she would never get another gig like this in a million years. Oh by the way, I don’t care if the players are having a good time or the coach is joking on the sidelines either; I just want a winning team. I don’t need the coach to be a stand up comedian.

  6. i never thought i would say this, but a defensive touchdown scored was the worst thing that could have happened to a team. by returning that “lateral” for a TD, it kept the redskins defense on the field for yet another sustained drive by the eagles high octane offense and in doing so it wore them down for the remainder of the half. i think last night will be typical of what we should expect to see a lot of this season….a whole slew of 30-30 games. i dont know how many wins that will correlate into for us, but i know that sundays are going to be very exciting and fun for the first time in a long time.

  7. When they lined up in that screen shot formation I think I was losing my mind but it was all happening so quickly.

  8. Kyle , any stat on how long Suize will stay in town clinging to fame with Brent’s touchdown

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