The Eagles Missed Out on Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson, and Instead Wound Up with Nick Foles

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 9.02.52 AMI can see no other reason why Adam Schefter would write this story, now, than to incite a small riot on Thursday night when Andy Reid punches through the retaining wall behind the south end zone at Lincoln Financial Field:

In the weeks leading up to the 2012 draft, the Eagles came close to trading a second-round draft pick to the 49ers for Kaepernick, league sources tell ESPN. The 49ers were open to trading him because Alex Smith just had led them to the NFC Championship Game and they weren’t sure what to do with their now-starting quarterback.

One league source maintains that the Eagles backed out of the proposed deal when they decided they would be able to draft Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson, whom they geared their whole draft around, league sources said. But then, just before Philadelphia could draft Wilson, the Seattle Seahawks selected him, leaving the Eagles to take Nick Foles, another quarterback they rated highly, though not nearly as high as Wilson.

I can only bring back the sad face from Friday:

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 10.44.38 AM

Surely Ron Jaworski and his insanely over-the-top, sunshiny disposition on the radio would’ve loved this, since he has already knighted Kaepaeaaeapaeaeapeapaeaeapernick ONE OF THE BEST QUARTERBACKS OF ALL-TIME (maybe). And surely me, you and every other Eagles fan would prefer Kaeenreevesnick or Wilson over plus-every man Foles. But no. The Reid regime, shockingly, fumbled that football. But hey, at least Nate Allen is the gift that keeps on giving never gives us anything.

Thursday night. Hate that man.

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  1. Surely you remember his Miami Dolphins hat incident? I liked him until I realized he’s just another ignoramus that doesn’t deserve his stature, fame, or money.

    NFL sucks.

    1. I hope you are being facetious. Just in case you’re not….

      Miami Dolphins hat incident? Really? You’re right, a second year QB who leads his team to the Super Bowl in his first half year as starter and seems like a genuinely good kid doesn’t deserve anything because he wore the hat of a different team. I am SO happy we got Nick Foles instead. We lucked out big time!

      1. Actually, I’m not. I could not care less about the Eagles, or the trashy players in the NFL. I hope the Eagles never win anything, because they keep on bringing in human garbage. And it wasn’t just about the hat, it’s the narcissistic attitude. The “I don’t care what the fans think” mentality, that oh so many NFL’ers express towards their idiotic fan bases that mortgage their souls to pay the brainless scumbags.

        And god the fucking advertisements. Every other fucking play, if not every play, fucking commercials. A one hour game brought to you in two minute intervals sandwiched between 5 minutes of commercials. Thank fucking god for the privilege to watch your sacred grail of sports, oh Holy NFL, and all I have to do is watch three hours of Bud Light “here we fuckin’ go” commercials!

        It’s easy to figure out the problem in America, the NFL is the most popular draw in the US, just look at the legions of idiots generating billions of dollars to watch barely literate muscle heads ram into each other a few times a year.

        And these people vote.

  2. Kyle are you tailgating Thursday? Mcnabb is on the ticket, I just bought a fresh new pack of double A batteries to chuck, not sure who I want to hit more, Donovan or the fat man. When I get arrested or kicked out or both, I will give you the exclusive story and video as long as you have the FUCKING GOLF TOURNAMENT!

    1. You mean you didn’t get the invite for the Crossing Broad 2013 Eagles Tailgate party on Thursday? Only $50 per person! (Does not include game ticket, parking, drinks, food or fun.)

  3. Great post Kyle…..about 3 days too late. Example number 375640281 why BarStool is kicking your ass.

      1. I stand corrected……you made sure to copy and paste it within the 48 hour window. (Golf claps)

    1. Maybe Kyle should hire someone to post pics of half naked chicks and write posts filled with the word fuck. Just like Barstool. Or maybe he doesn’t want to stoop to the lowest common denominator and write like an adult human being.

      1. If you don’t think Barstool is killing crossingbroad than you’re crazy. And an adult writer???? So crossing has never put up anything you would consider crude? Like Chip Kelly carrying around his nuts in a wheelbarrow? Come on Doug, its all for entertainment, both crossing and barstool. All I am saying is Barstool is destroying crossingbraod and it’s not even close.

        You people get so protective of some blogger you’ve never met

  4. Its been said before and I’ll say it again. Philly is cursed. If it can go wrong, it will go wrong. Our sports seasons are filled with “what-if’s” and ” coulda-been’s”. Heck I’m actually impressed our team can score, it appears to me it might take a year or two but Chip Kelly could actually build a winner here- of course then you realize Mike Vick isn’t gonna last long enough to see that, and the two guys backing him up aren’t a fit for his system (or even that good). Ironically we need to seriously tank this year so we can land a franchise building QB, next year there will be more than a couple of top tier QB’s coming out of college. But you know what? We are destined to win just enough to ensure a middle 1st round pick, out of franchise QB nirvana range. Call it the Philly quagmire, not enough wins for the playoffs, too many for a good draft pick.

  5. Since we’re gonna sit here and bash Reid for the players he missed out on drafting, I’m gonna take it upon myself to remind you of the players he did draft and/or traded for. Imagine this offense without McCoy and Desean. Imagine it without Vick, whom Reid was the only one to take a chance on. Imagine it without that O-line anchored by Jason Peters, whom Reid insisted on trading for. In 2009, he drafted Maclin and McCoy. He could’ve easily traded up to get Knowshon Moreno, or just drafted, say, Donald Brown or Beanie Wells. Instead of Maclin, he could’ve drafted the perpetually injured Percy Harvin or Hakeem Nicks (Maclin’s injury is unfortunate; Harvin and Nicks are one scrape away from retirement). Better yet, he could’ve drafted Kenny Britt, Brian Robiskie, or Mohammed Mossaquoi. In 2008, instead of drafting Desean, it could easily have been Limas Sweed, Malcolm Kelly, Dexter Jackson, Jerome Simpson, Eddie Royal, or James Hardy. I get that the Watkins pick was a major bust and there were several other bad picks, but if you went around to any other organization in the NFL and any other coach, you’d discover that they’ve made just as many if not more poor decisions than Reid! This is why Philly gets a bad rap in the national media–in order for anyone to be respected and commended for what they did here they have to be literally perfect. Otherwise, they’re remembered for every poor decision they made instead of the positives. Hence the reason many people see us as ungrateful.

    By no means am I an apologist for AR–his clock management was always horrible; his interviews and relationship with the media was, at times, infuriating and always monotonous; the last five years in Philly were marred with predictability and bad personnel decisions. It was a team in dire need of culture change (which we thankfully got) and the only person to blame is the owner for not pulling the plug sooner. But for the years that it was working, it could have been MUCH worse. We could’ve had a Jim Haslett or a Todd Haley or a Jason Garrett at the helm.

    And enough of Kaepernick and Wilson already. They have one season each under their belt (well, half of one for CK). They’re both solid system qbs but they haven’t won anything yet. Everyone acts like they’re the new Brady and Manning. I’m sure if they were starting here in Philly, they’d wallow in mediocrity as a result of having the team on their shoulders–no matter what anyone argues, Seattle and SF are both old school, defensively powered teams. Alex Smith led SF to an NFC Championship for Chrissakes!

    1. I agree, Tripod. Reid still sucks…….and Kyle turns the Barstool upside down….to sit on it with 3 of his closest friends.

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