Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.53.57 AM Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 1.09.23 PMDid you see this car on 76-E on Friday? Did you flash* this car on 76-E on Friday?

Actually love this move. So much better than a “SHOW ME YOUR TITS” t-shirt or a “GYNECOLOGIST” Halloween costume. Chances of seeing private parts are increased exponentially by the A) respectful nature of the request, B) the birthday thing, and C) the anonymity of doing in on a highway where, for one fleeting moment of teetery, caution can be thrown to the wind and then sailed into the open window of a horny 22-year-old.

Oh, wait, did you say 76 East? Never mind. No one is going to flash you when they know they’ll be stuck inching forward next to you for the next hour. Imagine how awkward that could get:


– 20 minutes later –

Flasher: Uh, hey–you! Open your window. I’m late meeting my husband for dinner and really need to get off at Girard… can I just get over into the right? No? Please. I’m late. Please! He told me to get off at the Zoo. I HAVE TO GET OFF AT THE ZOO!

Birthday boy: Flash me again and we’ll both get off at the Zoo.

*Could this be commenter The Philly Flash?