Video: Tony Bruno on Olbermann

After eviscerating the Redskins’ name in his monologue, Keith Olbermann, genius, was joined by his old friend from ESPN Radio, Tony Bruno, whom Olbermann described as the “most politically incorrect person [he knows] who can still go on television.” Good stuff.

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    1. I’ve said it before, but I don’t understand how Marks and Brace have a weekday afternoon show. Put them on the weekends when no one is listening, cuz they’re awful.

    2. Did you mean the worst show on all of radio? They are brutally bad. You must be part of their moron audience.

  1. I have to agree, Dave.

    I use to enjoy their show when it was just once a week on Saturday. But since they have started everyday, their gig is just obnoxious.

  2. I’ve also stated it before, but I don’t even think Brace was qualified to be a producer for Missanelli.
    There were times when I actually felt badly for him because his lack of sports knowledge (especially anything in sports that occurred before he was old enough to follow sports), and also his lack of basic general knowledge (history, movies, politics, etc.), was so embarrassingly glaring.
    I remember the day they had their “big announcement” and I thought for sure they were bringing in someone for Brace, but then they announced he was getting his own show and I almost drove off the road.
    He’s also annoying the way he tries to nail every hot chick in town by using the fact that he has a lousy radio show.

  3. I haven’t listend to brace since he blocked me on twitter for busting his stones in a friendly way. Fuck that show

  4. Enjoy Olderman while you can, he’ll be off the air by thanksgiving at this rate. His ratings suck. The “Gravely-Angry” act is played out.

  5. Fuck olbermann. Seriously fucking hate that guy.

    I hope Ed Snider partners CSN/NBCSports with Yahoo sports and shuts the WWL down. Fuck ESPN, John Marks and Sean Brace are dumber than a bag of hammers, fuck olbermann that cock sucking liberal pussy, and fuck skip bayless just because.

  6. Bruno and Mayes are GREAT. Marx is good. Missanelli is getting worse. Mike and mike suck. Brace is fucking horrible. Can’t pull of the Philly street accent, sounds north jersey. Total fucking faggot. Phil from mt airy sucks. But wait. WIP is way worse. Morning show isn’t worth a shit. Mike and Ike blow, boring as hell. Gargano and macnow are unbearable. Love rob charry and Reuben frank. Bring eskin back

    1. You’re a tool to support some of the worst radio in Philly history. Really, Harry’s gap? I hope you don’t mean that idiot Mayes…douche.

  7. There’s a reason this tool is down to 2 hours a day on radio. Even his dopey audience can figure that out.

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