Watch as Fletcher Cox Attempts to Taunt Peyton Manning, is Told Play is Going His Way, Still Fails to Stop it


Good pickup by Jeff McLane, who spotted Fletcher Cox and Cedric Thornton taunting Peyton Manning’s pre-snap motioning (OMAHA!):

Peyton Manning was changing the play at the line of scrimmage, waving his hands and pointing as he has always done, and Fletcher Cox mimicked the Broncos quarterback with gyrations of his own.

Tip No. 1 to Cox: Don’t make fun of legends.

Manning handed off to Knowshon Moreno, and the running back rushed to his right directly at Cox’s side of the field and picked up an easy 10 yards.

Tip No. 2 to Cox: Don’t mock a legend when his offense is humiliating your defense and you end up recording only a single assisted tackle for the entire game.

I found the play. It was indeed a 10-yard run to Cox’s’s’s’s’s side at the start of the third quarter. And not only did Cox (briefly) taunt Manning pre-snap*, but someone, presumably from the Broncos, shouted: Right at you, Cox!


Which it was– right at him.

That’s Cox getting double-teamed and blown off the line:

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 10.56.32 AM

So, yeah, Cox tried to troll one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, was told the play was coming at him, and then got blown off the line on a 10-yard gain. That type of day for the Eagles.

*In some cases the Eagles were yelling back: “Papa John!” A clever yet fruitless attempt to throw Peyton off by poking fun at his Papa John’s commercial.


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    1. he’s one of the few guys on defense with any upside at all. there’s not much anyone can do with a three man front and you’re double teamed.

  1. This was a classic example of what happens when you tug on Superman’s cape—-you get fucked up. I hope Cox learned his lesson.

  2. In fairness, a defensive lineman isn’t supposed to be able to stop a play that’s run at him. That’s sort of the point. It’s the other 10 guys on the defense who should be embarrassed.

    1. Especially when being double teamed. The whole thing in the 3-4 is that the linemen are to eat blocks so that LB’s can make a play. With that being said, if we had a good NT that could get a decent push….

  3. Its fine that he didnt make the play. I agree it takes 11. But the problem is mocking Peyton. Your getting waxed ,shut up and play.

  4. Like justin babin doing the cut throat gesture down 30 to andrew luck because he finally stopped someone. Lol hes s turd.

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