We Interrupt Your Eagles Euphoria to Tell You About the Flyers Handing Out Another Ridiculous Contract

The Flyers will reportedly sign 34-year-old left winger Dan Cleary to a three-year, $8.25 million deal with a full no-trade clause, according to Helen St. James of the Detroit Free Press, who then laughed at the Flyers.

Cleary had 15 points in 48 games last season and 33 points in 75 games two seasons ago.

The Flyers will now have to make a trade. This move will put them $2 million over the cap before Chris Pronger’s $5 million comes off the books. As such, the deal won’t be official until the end of the month.

Type OB Flyers fans are already, predictably, defending the move:

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 12.19.54 AM

I don’t believe that’s a parody account.


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  1. The problem really isn’t even the money or the contract length, though those aren’t great either. It’s that Homer gave out another fucking NTC to an old dude with questionable health. He’s like Oprah with the NTCs.

  2. Don’t let Vinny Franchise speak for all of us – you are a complete inbecile if you think this is OK.

    Watch them now unload Coburn for NOTHING, instead of doing it at the draft and getting something.

    I hate this team – thank god the Eagles were fun to watch.

  3. Did anyone see this guy in chicago series and how detriot is pissed about this?I don’t mind this contract. He brings more to table than gags does at this point of his career. People are upset that gags can’t retire as flyer and are latching on to their fav player with no bias.

    Once again Kyle, stop talking hockey.

    1. Oh yea, he’s a winner…. and injury prone… and he’ll be 37 at the end of his contract. Terrible signing for the amount that we are paying him. Another move that’ll handcuff the Flyers’ future moves for the next 3 years.

  4. You really are a stepford fan if you think this contract is a good move, take off the orange glasses. The bottom line is they gave a 34 year old borderline player multiple years with a no trade clause. And that’s so cute how you call him gags. Do the Flyers ever make a bad move?

  5. Who do they trade now? I’m hoping its’ Mezzaros and not Coburn. I know Coburn was awful at times last year but he’s still young and can move well and will fit well with Streit. He also has been pretty durable ( I don’t count pucks and broken feet as major injuries. ) Mez is a walking injury bomb, who is also playing scared. Later dude.

  6. Looks like wherever these “reports” are coming from shit the bed. Cleary was signed to a PTO contract just like Hal Gill.

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