Week 1 Showdown: Typical Philly Sports Talk Radio Caller vs. Deaf Redskins Fans

This guy is the exact reason why Philly fans get a bad rap. 

I never understood the whole YouTube-Hate Week thing sports fans do to troll fans of opposing teams. I’m not sure in what dark corner of a mother’s basement one must reside to feel so compelled to make a poorly lit video baiting others in their mother’s (poet points) basement into making an equally poorly lit video in response. But every week, every team, there are dozens of these things, each usually with around 12-70 views, meaning that they took more minutes to shoot, sometimes edit, and upload than the number of viewers they get. Because it’s just pissed off guys yelling barely comprehendible thoughts. I mean, sure, Al Pacino has made an entire career of doing just that, but is there really any more room in that niche? Guess so. I blame Miley Cyrus. But it’s better to embrace the trend than run from it. So, each week, a new showdown between a too-angry Eagles fan and an opposing team’s fan(s). This week: this guy vs. deaf Redskins fans:

[start around :40]


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6 Responses

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the deaf fans (at least the 15/20 seconds that I managed to sit through). I found it hilarious that the TV was muted on the second video. It’s also funny as hell to hear the little grunts and whimpers these dudes make.

    While I am a fan of the Eagles, I hold no ill will towards fans of opposing teams. These douche bags however, really make for some classic comedy.

    Also, the Philly guy is a complete tool.

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