12 Uses of Social and New Media Throughout History That Would’ve Outraged Flyers Beat Writers

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.34.52 AMYesterday, several Flyers beat writers exhibited self-righteous indignation – on Twitter – over the team’s decision to use Instagram to announce that Steve Mason would be the Opening Night goaltender. Rob Parent of the Delco Times called it: #digitalworstAnd I’m told that the legitimate anger went well beyond social media and dominated press box discussion yesterday.

So it got us thinking: If the insignificant act of naming a starting goaltender using social media got hockey beat writers all bent out of shape and defensive of the the Big J (that’s Journalism, kiddies), what other major announcements and historical events might have really rankled their feathers had new media or unconventional means been used to relay the message?

Well, let’s just be glad that the Messrs. Isaac and Parent were around for:

[you can click photos to enlarge them]

The Nixon Interviews




Simba’s Birth



Paul Revere’s warning




The Renaissance




Walter White’s cancer




The first American flag




Revolutionizing the phone




Andrew Bynum’s introductory press conference




A New World




The 10 Commandments




The collapse of the Soviet Union




And finally, Beatlemania




Credit fashion editor Dan Fuller with an assist on some of these and reader Andy for seeding the idea

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11 Responses

  1. This was actually hilarious… I am sure the old time cry babie commenters will find something to b*tch about though…

  2. If by revolutionizing the phone you mean capitalizing on a generation of hipster ignoramuses worshiping a status symbol, then I’m on board.

      1. What’s funny is that I saw that comment after I posted and thought that my post could be labeled as such lol.

        I agree with everything else in the post, I’m just saying, iPhone is trash, and so is my generation.

  3. Well, Kyle, I stand corrected. I always thought this blog needed more original content but after reading this crap, I realize you were right just to repost other people’s work. My apologies for doubting you.

  4. The beat writers would like final say on what the organization is allowed to release to the general public.

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