Banner Week for New York Fans

Voila_Capture280Things… they’re not going so well for the Mets and their fans. Take, for example, 42-year-old Aryn Leroux, who looks like he’s masturbated his way into an acne problem.

From the NY Post:

Aryn Leroux, 42, was arrested on Wednesday on an outstanding warrant, issued after a joint investigation by the NYPD’s 110th Precinct detective squad, the Queens District Attorney’s office and West Haven Detective Sean Faughnan, according to NBC Connecticut.

Leroux was charged with threatening in the second degree and breach of peace. Police said Leroux posted $2,500 bail.

Using the handle @danXtanna — whose bio describes a “Mets-Cowboys-Celtics-Rangers-Uconn” fan and “Horror Movie Buff” – Leroux was known in Mets circles as a notorious Twitter troll. A review of his sad Twitter timeline shows that he desperately wanted the team to not bring back Terry Collins and promote Triple-A manager Wally Backman to the position.

Mets reliever LaTroy Hawkins, an active Twitter user, posted on May 30: ”Tweeps, let’s block and report as spam and shut him up for awhile @danxtanna he want to do bodily harm on our team.”

Good. You should go to jail if you threaten to kill someone on Twitter. But let’s talk about Ayrn’s choice in sports teams– the Mets, Cowboys, Celtics, Rangers and UCONN? Holy shit, dude. What sort of inbreeding and years of solitary Warcraft playing leads you down that path? He literally chose the most despised team in every league… save for Rangers, because the Penguins win that beauty contest.

And Wally Backman? Wally Backman is going to solve all your problems?! Nonsense. That’s the NY equivalent of believing that Craig Berube is the answer to an 0-3 Flyers start. Silly talk.

A search for his Twitter account (@danXtanna) reveals that it’s been shutdown. But Twitter user (@theycallmedubs) was nice enough to screen grab some of the comments, which were posted in a message board somewhere:


Better call Saul.


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  1. It seems like all Mets fans root for some weird amalgam of teams. For instance, I know this dude, born and raised in South Jersey, who is a Mets-Rams-Sixers-Devils fan. I’ve tried to get an explanation of how his fandom for each team started but he brushed it aside.

  2. “save for Rangers, because the Penguins win that beauty contest”

    There’s a Malkin joke in there somewhere

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