Huge prizes this week for our FREE one-day only fantasy hockey league for games on Saturday.

Our friends at Draft Street are giving away $500 – no strings, no bullshit, just hockey – to the top 50 finishers of a free roll this week between CB readers and readers of other select blogs.

Here’s how it works: Take two seconds to create your team – 2 C, 2 LW, 2 RW, 2 D, 1 G and 1 Flex – with a $100k salary cap-style draft for games on Saturday only. It’s completely FREE to play. That’s it.

Payouts are as follows:


I went with almost all former Flyers on my squad (and stayed $3,881 under the cap!) because, hey, that works for everyone else!:

Voila_Capture169 Voila_Capture170 Voila_Capture171

If only the Kings were playing on Saturday.

Create your team right here. Takes two seconds.